Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years

With the rate that the tech world is moving these days, some feel that giant tech companies Facebook and Google might be completely gone in 5 – 8 years.

The author of this selection, Eric Jackson from Forbes.com, presents two schools of thought. The first is that senior teams and directors have an outsized influence on organizational outcomes. He says that their backgrounds greatly influence how they view the world, and in turn, operate.

The second opinion that Jackson presents is referred to as ‘organizational ecology’ – which basically says that managers don’t really matter, rather, business success is the result of industry effects.

Jackson concludes that he thinks a company’s long-term viability is dependent on when you were born, as each generation is perceived to see the world in a different way, which shapes consumers buying decisions. From Web 1.0, to 2.0 and now mobile, Jackson says that older companies adapting to fast-moving technologies has always been a problem.

While the next generation Googles and Facebooks probably haven’t been created yet,  several Web 1.0 and 2.0 companies might be completely wiped off the map by the time that they are. Fortunes will be made by those who adapt to and invest in the future.

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