Which Buzzwords Were Floating Around at DatacenterDynamics Conference SF 2015? – Part-1

When I started to cover data centers in 2008, I was often asked which side of the two elements I focused on. The expected answer was either power or cooling. My answer of IT/software confused people because they could not understand what someone who claimed to be a software guy was doing there. Fast-forward, and now many conference sessions discuss software and open source I was pleasantly surprised at DatacenterDynamics SF 2015 and plan to write a few blogs based on my attendance.

It is noteworthy that George Rockett, CEO and founder of DatacenterDynamics, mentioned that their major US events had been consolidated to New York (enterprise), San Francisco (Internet), and Chicago (services).

George Rockett

But before that, let me write a short summary of the conference by focusing on buzzwords I heard throughout it. I may expand each in future blogs.

They are

  • Ÿ   #opensource
  • Ÿ   #software-defined
  • Ÿ   #hyperconvergence
  • Ÿ   #cloud
  • Ÿ   #webscale

Let me connect each with the corresponding session I attended.


In the opening panel, “Mapping the New Open Data Center Innovation Genome,” “open” minded organizations were represented by the following executives. It seems that proprietary solutions are being replaced by open systems based on the open philosophy.

From left: Alan Clark, Jim Zemlin, Calista Redmond, Neela Jacques, Amber Graner,  and Dan Pitt

I want to commend DCD planning people on getting those guys in the same place at the same time to discuss “open” in the context of data centers. I got up very early in Silicon Valley and made it to this session.

More on this in a later blog.

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