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One of our big goals here on the Tek-Tips blog is to bring in a group of guest bloggers who share their great knowledge to our large community in the Tek-Tips Forums and our growing group of friends across the Web.

Our first guest blogger goes simply by T.Rob. T.Rob has impressed us with his insights into data security from the viewpoint of WebSpehere MQ, the IBM platform for messaging. Plus, he’s a blogger and a podcaster. Nice. Check out this screencast he did. Really interesting how a message environment could be so easily hacked. This is the kind of stuff you should expect to see from T.Rob in the coming weeks and months. 

T.Rob has been specializing in WebSphere MQ since 1995. Since joining IBM in 2006, he has focused on improving security of MQ messaging networks around the world. Currently he works in IBM Software Services for WebSphere, providing consulting services and training for all aspects of WebSphere MQ.

He is a regular speaker at IBM conferences and is the author of the Mission:Messaging column on developerWorks. Catch his WebSphere MQ Security podcast The Deep Queue at http://t-rob.net/dq

Please help us in welcoming T.Rob to the Tek-Tips community!

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