Web Design Update for the week of 5/14

Today, many companies and businesses successfully harness the new media for different campaigns. These include product branding, advertising, and generally tapping the vast online community. These companies know the importance of web design in achieving their distinct needs and goals.

A business makes profit online when the site attracts potential clients on the strength of its web design. Some sites intend to generate income from the number of clicks per visitor alone. These websites thus focus on getting people into a site. They ensure the site is interesting enough in order to keep the visitors there. Successful sites that leave a good enough impression leave the people keep coming back for more.

Web design is no more different than any other design but in order to build a web design you need to know a few web building tools, languages and requirements of designing.

Check out what the blogs are saying this week about web design:



3 Crucial Web Design Ideas Web Designers Should Not Neglect

Many options are before you when you wish to design your website making you feel perplexed of which to select. Simply because there are numerous options, we quite often overlook the fundamental web design concepts which usually may hinder us all from reaching our targets with our web site.




Web Design  Features That Inspire Visitors to Subscribe

There are several success factors in online business and promotion of a website to Google’s TOP-10: good site (web design), good contents, white hat SEO methods and helpful information/products/services for visitors. A website with an attractive and functional design, informative and SEO friendly content, as well as popular products and services offered, will certainly flourish. However, lots of site owners and webmasters fail to find the golden mean, i.e. focus on tech details that all in all, make a website totally unusable for ordinary people who came to a site not to evaluate design elements SEO-friendliness of content.



Bye, Bye Waterfall: 5 Steps to Implement Responsive Web Design

You’re probably familiar with the typical “waterfall process: start with strategy, then onto design, followed by front- and back-end development and finally analytics implementation. The main attribute of the waterfall process is its linear nature: once a stage ends, the next one begins with a near-perfect dovetail. The progression through the stages only goes in a single direction, and unfortunately as problems accumulate, they inevitably flow downhill and changes are not handled very gracefully.



Web Design Tactics That Make a “Coming Soon” Page More Compelling

A coming soon page introduces users to a site that is soon to be launched. Many website owners create such pages to make readers familiar with it. This way, visitors have more expectations regarding such a site.

In this article, we will discuss how a web design professional should create a powerful coming soon page.




Video: 3 Powerful Steps to Monetize Your Website

In this video, I share the three things that businesses must do on every page of their website in order for that website that bring money into your business.

1. Branding (Personal, Product and Business)
2. Email List Capture Offer (Ideal Client Access)
3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)






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