Google Paying For The Sins

The Wall Street Journal always has the latest news on Iran or those hot spots that seem to resemble trouble.  The scoop these days was the jolt of images of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, touring a laser-technology exhibit in Tehran, looking sort of blinged-out in some hip-hop style imagery.  FastCompany’s Ken Carbone did the best layout and paranoia model I’ve seen yet.



The Iranian leaders are considered ultra right wing, as is the WSJ, yet they are archenemies, and, yet again, far as I can tell, they represent those segments which would rather hurt people than sit down and figure out how to get things done.  We think there’s a better way; we think we can do business in both these markets if diplomacy trumps the tarradiddles thrown about by both sides.

The dish on this is that in order for Iran to actually create nuclear bombs, they would need to super enrich uranium and deliver that enriched uranium to one of only two places in the world where super sophisticated rods can be manufactured from it.  The two places, oddly, that provide this service are somewhere in France and somewhere in Argentina.  Why those two is a story I’m sure.  I’m not sure how exact an address you can get on those two spots, but I’m not even going to look.  I would really rather not know.  In fact, I don’t even want to know if they are available.

Somewhere We Suppose In France Or Argentina?

So just when you thought it was okay to invest more money in your stalling business, because you realized we would make up with China, Iran decides to pull a move out of their neighbor’s playbook and give Google the boot.  The State Dept. has just issued a statement on it sans any threats.  Whew!
I have to be thinking that Page and Brinn and Schmidt and company are really tired of running into these tyrants, wondering if they will go down in history of the next big one.  Well, they can’t say it wasn’t expected.  I just have to believe that they have to be uncomfortable trying to muscle their way into these markets and I can’t believe they bargained to be in so deep with the world affairs of our nation.  I mean, to most of us in this technology thing, this is not the way it has ever worked.  We believe that the work product that all of the Internet movement produces will beat bombs and most anything else given the chance.
So while China was moving ever so slowly in the direction we preferred, absent a few indiscretions, those Persian folks were getting themselves ready to enjoy a bit of hipness and sip some of our Western wine, when scary dictators and loud mouth politicians try to ruin everything for the rest of us.  We surely have our share of them, and most of those jockeying for more wars all sound the same frankly.
If you want to bring the people of Iran to our side, drop ship iPhones and Kindles and Pizza and Levis and Willie Nelson and give them an open satellite channel to enjoy freedom.  Send iPhones or Blackberries to the world leaders and fix them so they can only talk with each other, and they can do so any time they want. Embarrass them into holding Global Town Meetings. 
The people of Iran need some breaks and they also need to take charge of their own destiny and we need to consider a better way to bring peace to these people.  The world can’t move back unless some insane group gets hold of something bad.  We reason that is why we are doing what we’re doing but let’s give innovation and technology and people a chance.  What is happening now is not working.


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