VM World 2011: an initial look at infrastructure and convergence

Playing at VMWorld this week reveals the big dogs are barking loudly and jockeying for some position at the gates of the cloud markets.  The sponsors of the bash tell a story we are watching to see how things break out along the infrastructure front.  Cisco, EMC and VMware have a joint venture going with the www.vce.com platform, and appear to have gained favor with some of the consultant world.

Dell announced in 2010 ““We selected Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) as the first OEM partner for Joyent software because Dell DCS, like Joyent, has spent the past five years serving customers at cloud scale,” said David Young, founder and chief executive officer of Joyent. “We see service providers and other enterprises greatly benefiting from accelerated time to market with this innovative combination of proven technology and know-how from Joyent and Dell.”


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On another other side of this burgeoning business, we see NetApp using Twitter to promote their competing offer:

NetApp NetApp
.@vStewed shares @forrester Storage Choices For VSE report & looks to find trends or changes in the virtual datacenter

At a buck or two a pop per follower, it will be interesting to see if Netapp can pay for the promo with any opportunities uncovered via the newest social networking fantasy in monetizing a tweet.  We’re still looking at IBM and Oracle and HP to see which way the wind is blowing.

Check out this IBM video and see if you have any questions we can get answered for you:

The cloud has promised everything from secure environments to cheap bandwidth to scalability never before imagined.  Like the Internet itself a dozen years ago, someone with an idea can expect a more level playing field and an ability to look like a legitimate contender overnight.  How the cloud, and now the ability to rent infrastructure, security and support will affect the next generation of players is to be determined.  But if you are still planning on owning your own equipment and licensing the multitude of software applications and expertise you require, you may be at a disadvantage compared to anyone with the deep pockets to plug and play.If the cloud stacks up, it’s clear infrastructure is a bigger piece of the proverbial pie than either hosting or security.

How do you see it and are you willing to share your experience with choosing an infrastructure team to run your apps on the cloud?  You could be the big winner and we’d love to share your fame and fortune with the folks around the world who want to learn from some experienced folks who have done this already.  Let us know won’t  you?

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