Virtualization Update for the week of 3/26/12

Virtualization can be a powerful tool to help you cut costs and improve availability and management efficiency, but its impact on surrounding IT resources can cause unexpected problems. Whether you’re just starting a storage or server virtualization project or you’re looking to realize the full benefits of a complete virtual data center, virtualization-ready infrastructure can help you achieve your current and future business goals.






Check out what the blogosphere is saying this week about virtualization:

VMware WSX: The consumerization of desktop virtualization. It isn’t AppBlast, but it is kind of cool

This week, there’s been some buzz outside the enterprise desktop virtualization space about VMware WSX, which is a technology that delivers Windows desktops via HTML5 technologies. What’s interesting is that this bit of tech seems to be aimed squarely at consumers, appearing in Engadget by way of Wired, and in Wired by way of ArsTechnica.

IC Call for Papers on Virtualization

One of the most famous adages in computer science is that “any problem in computer science can be solved by an extra level of indirection.” Increasingly, that level of indirection takes the form of virtualization, where a resource’s consumers are provided with a virtual rather than physical version of that resource. This layer of indirection has helped address a multitude of problems, including efficiency, security, high availability, elasticity, fault containment, mobility, and scalability.

The world of virtualization is moving to the cloud….

Virtualization is an amazing technology and it is allowing many of you to reduce cost, do more with less (MSFT slogan at one time – personally I want to do more with more), create safer computing environments, run important old applications and so forth.  Hyper-V is one of the best virtualization technologies and I’m not saying that just because I drove performance to the point VMWare had to stop talking about it.

Ask Idealware: What is “Mobile Phone Virtualization?”

In this Ask Idealware video, Jay Leslie answers a question about mobile phone virtualization, which offers a means for a nonprofit’s IT staff to provide employees with secure access to organizational resources from their personalized smartphones without compromising either data integrity or the user experience.

Virtualization Software

Virtualization software package is all set to modify the way makers make pc hardware and also influence the way data centers are managed and run, at least for the close to, predictable future that is. Virtualization software package has been literally forced upon the IT market by the drastic need to have for higher multi-core chip architecture and a demand for higher ways to save on power charges. Virtualization software package is a technology that has already consolidated its position in the IT market and is only set to develop.



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