Twitter Users Victims of Two-Phase Attack: Screencast

It looks like Twitter users were hit by a two-phase attack over the past week, fueling expert claims that Twitter is in criminals sights as a ripe place to execute “for-profit,” attacks.

Phase 1:
>>Last week, about 13,000 Twitter users get fooled into giving up their user names and passwords. At first it appears to be a worm but after some study, experts realize Twitter users were victims of a phishing attack.

Phase 2:
>> Over the weekend, Twitter users get messages to check out “Best Video.” Video site is really the home for a malware attack. Link takes users to a PDF file riddled with exploits.

Here’s the full story:




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  1. James June 1, 2009 at 4:46 pm #

    I recently spoke to someone who works for one of the world’s largest IT security companies who said they couldn’t be more thrilled about the advancement of social networking tools. The reason they are so happy? Because of all the attacks that are coming. That’s the benefit of being in a technological space where the problems you solve mutate and the nature of the space is to create new landscapes for problems to arise. The other tidbit that from this conversation that I thought was interesting and related – this company won’t use video on their site. No matter how much marketing clamors for it. How is massive security vendor going to defend you from video if they don’t even put it on their own site?

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