The domination of mobile and the future of media

They say the world is getting smaller. And indeed, as goes the world, so goes the World Wide Web.


With the explosive growth of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and GPS systems, the “Handheld Revolution” has indeed begun.  Where it will take us, we can’t be sure. But at the very least, we can take comfort in knowing that if machines ever do attempt to take over the world, our species will maintain a considerable size advantage (that’s a joke).

Here are some important statistics relating to web browsing:

– Mobile web browsing is expected to surpass desktop browsing in 2015.

– Average iPhone user only spends 45% of on-device time making phone calls

– Mobile web browsing quadrupled in 2011.

– In 2011, Over 30% of people in the US have an active mobile broadband subscription – that’s 286 million people

That leads us to this article in The Atlantic. The author, Richard Ting, delves into why he thinks mobile will dominate the future of media, and, the future of advertising (but remember, we still have that size advantage).




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