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Group: RSA Conference
Subject: RSA Conference Connect Newsletter October 15 (Linkedin)
RSA® Conference Europe 2009 starts next week. View our preview podcast interviews with many of our speakers. http://bit.ly/iSltD

More information on RSA Conference Europe 2009. http://bit.ly/KkshC


** Podcasts and Blogs **

Policy and Government Podcast
Shannon Kellogg, a founding member of the Board of Directors of the National Cyber Security Alliance, discusses the significance of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. http://bit.ly/xbRUu

Check out our newest Blogger: Gil Sorebo Critical Instructure
The blog will cover a wide variety of industries and technologies from transportation to financial services and showcase the efforts to define what is critical and how both critical and noncritical assets can best be protected. http://bit.ly/DgOg8

In his first post Gib discusses how the lack of data integrity and redundancy lead to an infrastructure problem at a hydro-electric plant and how to make sure critical infrastructure is discussed in the larger context of information security, in his post: What is Taum Sauk? http://bit.ly/1HjLje

Ira Winkler (Spy Files) was pleasantly surprised by Mike Murray’s social engineering presentation at the Hacker Halted Conference. Read about it and download the presentation in his latest post: Good Social Engineering Presentation. http://bit.ly/1Sgg3Q

Evan Wheeler (Take a Byte Out of CyberCrime) discusses what tools you need in your mobile kit in order to perform a thorough investigation in his post: The Mobile Forensic Arsenal. http://bit.ly/34FQ9j

Tim Mather (Experienced Security) looks at the hit that cloud computing took this week when a consumer cloud computing application, Danger, showed that vulnerabilities still exist in this technology: Wind Shear Hits Cloud Computing. http://bit.ly/u2OlC

Tim also introduced the idea of a “Regulated Cloud” as opposed to public clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds in his post: First ‘Regulated’ Cloud Available. http://bit.ly/L32Om

Fred Stock (Secure Habits) reviews some of the latest books on software security in his post: Read any Good Books Lately? http://bit.ly/1gdVmj

SmokinApps.com names iRa Pro “…an ideal solution for security services of all kinds.”
by Adrienne http://lextechlabs.com/blog
September 8, 2009

An excerpt from the article by David James:

Anyone who frequently uses multiple cameras for security or monitoring will appreciate the power of the iRa Pro app. This delivers six camera views on a single mobile device screen and gives the user the power to manipulate each camera right from their device. This app is virtually a video surveillance control center as it allows six different cameras to be streamed to the display screen.

Read the full article here: http://smokinapps.com/app/ira-pro/iphone-live-stream-up-to-six-different-video-surveillance-cameras/

Don’t forget to cast your vote for iRa Pro by clicking the “vote” link under the iRa Pro eyeball icon!


And finally …

Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon!

Hey everyone! My name is Ashley, I’m 17, and I live in Albany, CA. I just found this really awesome tool for Facebook & MySpace that lets you turn yourself into a cartoon! I liked it so much that I decided to post it on my blog.

Check out what I look like as a cartoon!


We will be sponsoring a contest for best outfit by a tips member. Stay tuned for contest rules and dates!

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