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Battle for Open Source’s future got a well deserved nod from our industry’s leader in software integrity, Coverity:

"Open source developers are actively improving software.  In 2009, the number of Rung 1 certified projects increased 32 percent from 2008 and doubled on Rung 2 in the same time period. OpenPAM, Ruby, Samba and tor are the first projects to begin Coverity Integrity Rung 3 certification. Rungs are certification levels indicating high-integrity open source software."

Thankfully, this discussion will not show up on the evening news but we’d like to hear from all of you about any stories or ideas on where this movement, or paradigm shift, is going.  The DNA of development and its morphocline are going through major standards testing and it will affect millions of technologists, and citizens.


The Business of Cloud Computing Is Booming

Getting a feel for the pulse of Cloud Computing can be a difficult endeavor. According to recent Google search trends "Cloud Computing" is at an all time high in terms of raw search queries. This has also been confirmed by analysts reports such as Gartner’s Hype Cycle which shows Cloud computing at what they aptly describe as the peak of inflated expectations. For me tools like Google Trends & Google Insights helps shed light on Cloud Computing from a search engine point a view. But sadly does little in translating into actual financial facts and figures – the stuff that actually matters.


The More Some Malware changes, the More It Stays The Same

Sometimes it is the tied and true methods that work best to prevent malware attacks. Most of all, keeping a hawk’s eye on your networks, knowing moment-to-moment about the activity so you can keep attacks at bay. And if you are under attack, it’s time to look at each of your defenses to see what may be faltering. But, all in all, develop a consistent approach. Malware attackers use tried and true methods to get into your networks. Rarely, do they stay fart afield.


Databases: The Next Big Virtualization Thing

We’re all familiar with server virtualization and what it can do to improve the utilization of your hardware, reduce administrative costs and cut on energy consumption. Perhaps you have even taken it to the cloud. Now it is time to virtualize your databases to improve flexibility, maximize efficiencies and ease administrative overhead.


Cisco Buys Tandberg For $3 Billion

Cisco Systems continued to show just how serious it is about video conferencing, announcing late Wednesday night the $3 billion acquisition of Tandberg, a Norwegian video communications company.


Tek-Tips Whitepapers of the Week

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