Technology Tips, Learning and the Community

In my work, web and mobile applications are the lifeblood. But even for the geekiest blogger, the need to understand the context for these applications is a continual learning process.

The learning takes time. And you can’t do everything. You need to to rely on people in the community to help give you context so you can better apply the technologies so they fit in your work.

I think geeks and bloggers are not that much different than almost anyone working in the technology space. It requires a lot of work to understand the new technologies and the issues that they surface.

Our goal is to provide some context for you by developing a blog, video and screencast network that gives you answers and context to the issues that you face. But we are not the only voice. You are the real experts who are working on the problems, solving issues and providing context for everyone in the greater community.

The site now has a library for the ‘tips’ members to find white papers, web casts and technical help. The videos and screencasts that we all produce will add to that network. Our goal is to give you a place that you can trust to get technical help from experts and peers.

I will be posting here daily. We’ll have guest bloggers and contributors. We want your submissions. We will get more into detail about that in the next week. We have a lot in store. We look forward to getting to know you better, working with you to develop a resource that is valuable for us all in this continual learning process.


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  1. Hawk
    Robert Mendez March 31, 2009 at 7:05 am #

    Welcome all and be sure to help Alex find topics that interest you to discuss and deconstruct. If you’re a blogger who wants access to the oldest social networking community in technology on the Internet, this is the spot. Let us know what you want to do!


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