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Server-Gated Cryptography: providing better security for more users

Server-Gated Cryptography: providing better security for more users

Learn about how digital certificates with SGC technology are able to step-up encryption levels for certain browsers to 128-bits. A discussion of the business benefits of deploying SGC certificates is also included.

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Securing Multiple Domains with SSL

As the backbone of web security, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a must for securing sensitive data passing over the internet — whether that’s e-commerce traffic, remote access to internal servers, or other secure communications. Usually, one SSL certificate secures just one domain name or URL; however, some common situations are better handled with a […]

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SSL 101: A Guide to Fundamental Website Security

As use of the Internet has grown, the Web has also become more popular with scammers, identity thieves, and other cybercriminals. Given the number of people who experience or have heard about phishing and other Web-based scams, many Internet users don’t feel comfortable sharing their personal details online. Fortunately, there is secure sockets layer (SSL) […]

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Choosing a Cloud Provider with Confidence

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and the conversation around adopting cloud technology has progressed from “if” to “when”. Although cloud services offer enormous economic benefits, they also pose significant potential risks for enterprises that must safeguard corporate information assets while also complying with industry and government regulations. Download this paper to better […]

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Festive Season draws an influx of phishermen!

Online fraud and cyber crime seems to be escalating as the Festive Season draws nearer. It seems that almost every day we’re receiving reports from our customers and the public about suspected fraudulent sites. Many of these turn out to be criminal activities that have to be reported to the authorities. A recent article, “Cameroon’s […]

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The Internet is not a Place for Ostriches

A recent report shows the following frightening statistics (Websense 2009): 233% growth in malicious Web sites in the last six months 7% of malicious Web sites are legitimate sites that have been compromised – in most cases they don’t even know it! 95% of user generated comments to blogs, message boards, chat rooms, etc are […]

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EV SSL: Why It Works To Increase Online Transactions

According to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research, retailers missed out on $21 billion in online sales in 2008 due to the impact of identity theft and a fear of online shopping. This suggests that while there has been an overall increase in online shopping, banking, securities trading and tax filing, online businesses are […]

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Signed, Sealed – Delivered? The Payoff of Showing Your “Trust Mark”

A big benefit of buying an SSL Certificate from a known brand includes the recognition value of their trust mark, so it is highly important that you use this to maximum benefit on your Web site. Here are some tips on how to place the trust mark for maximum impact.

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