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A Chat with Silver Spring Network’s Eric Dresselhuys

Smart grid is evolving so rapidly that it is hard to catch a glimpse of what’s really going on at a given moment. I gather information by reading lots of articles, blog posts, and tweets, going to conferences, and talking to experts. To many of us, smart grid is smart meters and home network/home energy […]

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Smart Grid, Part 4: The Intersection of the Power and ICT Fields

This is the last of the series of blogs on the intersection of the power and ICT fields. I started at home and moved toward the utility’s back office. Because of smart grid, a lot of data of many types will pour in to the back office, including data about power usage, monitoring of transmission […]

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Smart Grid, Part 3: The Intersection of the Power and ICT Fields

The next area to consider is how ICT technologies are applied to improve transmission and distribution grids. There are some differences between transmission and distribution networks, including: The distribution grid is much longer than the transmission grid. The total length of the transmission lines in the U.S. is about 300,000 kilometers (roughly 186,000 miles), while […]

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Smart Grid, Part 2: The Intersection of the Power and ICT Fields

Following on my previous post, today I focus on automated meter infrastructure (AMI) and field area network (FAN). Local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) are well-known terms and do not need explanation. There are a few XANs to indicate the scope of the area covered. For example, a metro area network (MAN), […]

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Smart Grid, Part 1: The Intersection of the Power and ICT Fields

Although I have not abandoned the green IT/data center field, I have also started following smart grid. Smart grid includes the three areas of power, IT, and communications. In this post, I’ll briefly touch on how ICT is used in smart grid. The power system consists of generation, transmission, and distribution. Let’s start with distribution, […]

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How Broadband Helps Smart Grid according to FCC

It is often said that smart grid is the power grid superimposed on information and communications technology (ICT). To support smart grid, it is imperative that communications be improved and used for smart grid. At ConnectivityWeek several weeks ago, a representative from the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) explained that their broadband plan includes a section […]

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Interview with Bob Heile, Chair of ZigBee Alliance

After his presentation, I sat down with Bob Heile, who was chairing one of the IEEE meetings colocated at the recent ConnetivityWeek.  I first saw Heile’s name in an article about several wireless protocols, including ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and UWB. After following that space for a while, I was covering something else when UWB was […]

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ZigBee Does Smart Grid Communication

I remember when ZigBee was first officially announced in San Francisco. I was researching wireless mesh networking and attended the TinyOS workshop, which was hosted by Professor David Culler at UC Berkeley. The workshop was in 2005, and the ZigBee meeting was right after that, so it must have been in 2005 too. At that […]

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How Does C++ Relate to Smart Grid?

This is a quiz. What is the relationship between C++ and smart grid? One of Fujitsu’s smart grid symposium sessions this week was a keynote speech by Bjarne Stroustrup of Texas A&M University. Bjarne Stroustrup He is the creator of the C++ language. C++ was conceived from C and Simula.  I would not mind talking […]

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When Vint Cerf Speaks, Everyone Listens

In a typical conference, people start to disappear after 3 p.m. It was quite different at ConnectivityWeek this week. At 5 p.m. (just before a reception with cocktails and food), Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet, gave a keynote speech. A pretty good-sized room, called Theater, was packed with people to hear what he had […]

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