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“Advanced Persistent Threat” Questions RSA SecurID

Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest defense company, first detected an intruder trying to break into its network on May 22.  Intruders apparently created duplicates of “SecurID” electronic keys, used to log into networks, from EMC’s RSA security division. “Our systems remain secure; no customer, program or employee personal data has been compromised,” Company spokeswoman Jennifer […]

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Man of “A Certain Age” Strangled by Token Necklace

If you’re like me, every morning at an ungodly hour, you log on to several web sites and access your particulars and start your day. The process of logging on, for me, has all sorts of fault lines running through it, but the most intriguing lately is where I type out the user name and […]

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Things To Consider When Picking A Compliance Vendor

What are some of the considerations to think about when choosing a compliance vendor? We heard a lot from attendees at the RSA Conference that the real-time methods for detecting problems are starting to eclipse more static, client-based solutions. A lot of it comes to reputation management and how your users interact online. In that […]

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How Do You Add Relevance and Context To A Customer’s Identity?

You may know the identity of someone when they come to your web site but how do you determine a level of context and relevance when the information about the person is spread across multiple customer databases? Radiant Logic’s Dietrich Schuller tells us a big part of it is about defining attributes. He provides a […]

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Cloud Security Alliance: Goals and Next Steps

Cloud computing does have it risks. There have been a few incidents where vendors have simply gone out of business, leaving clients behind. In the meantime, especially now in this economic climate, companies are looking to cloud computing as a way to reduce their costs. But executives, including security pros, have little to go by […]

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Qualys on Cloud Security: Third Parties Can Provide Assurances

Qualys started its cloud computing service ten years ago. Now that the rush is on for cloud computing, the industry needs ways to make sure that clients can be assured that their data is being handles securely, it is audited and adhering to compliance frameworks. Third party services and organizations may be the answer. We […]

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Cisco and the Promise of the Cloud

The promise of the cloud comes down to the ability to take any amount of data and process it through a distributed computing environment. Keith Stewart of Cisco says it is a lot like creating a central place where the information can be analyzed and attacks prevented. Cisco announced a number of cloud security initiatives […]

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Summary: RSA Pre-Conference Analyst Call

A summary of yesterday morning’s analyst call in advance of the RSA Conference next week in San Francisco. Andreas Antonopoulos from Nemertes started the discussion. Antonopoulos is a senior vice president and founding partner with Nemertes Research. Andreas talked about the challenges facing the virtualization model. Another paradigm shift away from physical fire walls, virtualization’s […]

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RSA Conference Top Innovating Companies According To Twitter

We scan Twitter to see what is trending for the RSA Conference. We decided to see what companies are the hottest based on Twitter search results. We selected the ten finalists for the RSA Innovation Sandbox and did a Twitter search for the name of each company. Our expectation is that the winner will be […]

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Cloud Computing Adoption Comes Down To Trust and Openness

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