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How to Sell Management on a New IP-Based Phone System

How to Sell Management on a New IP-Based Phone System

Build your case for that next-generation communication hub. Download 7 smart selling points in 1 free VoIP-News checklist. You’ve already got the IP-network. So what happens when you piggyback on a new IP-based phone system? Spell out the facts for management. Pad your pitch with 7 solid incentives for customer service, long-distance and network management [...]

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For Sale: Web 2.0, for a Song?

Metaphor in technology selling is more about the protagonist, than the product. Back on Jan 11th Larry Dignan, editor-in-chief of ZDNet told us, One Night Stand "Expect Salesforce.com to go shopping. As of Oct. 31, Salesforce.com had $1.07 billion in total cash and marketable securities" and I immediately conjured up an image of the cherubic [...]

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On Social CRM Options

The discussion around Social CRM is entering a phase whereby we are trying to move away from turning around in circles about semantics, towards a more practical and pragmatic approach that businesses can identify with so as to consider implementing it. I won’t deal with CRM Vendors here, as Social CRM can be seen as [...]

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Marketing vs IT: Framing the Coming Games

Does CRM make marketers smarter, or, does it simply demand smarter people to manage the CRM environment?  Are the most expensive CRM systems so superior that they provide measurable results and provide value so sellers close deals more easily?  Talk to some of the folks selling these apps and you might come away believing that [...]

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CRM At The Nexus Of Marketing And IT Expertise

Contrary to what you may have heard, though semantics may be at play, the ‘peddler’ is the world’s oldest profession and I may be considered one of its living fossils. After spending part of the 1960s and 1970s on Seventh Avenue and Madison Avenue in the fashion selling business, I went out on the highways [...]

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