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Researchers Identify Ways to Exploit ‘Cloud Browsers’ for Large-Scale, Anonymous Computing

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the University of Oregon have found a way to exploit cloud-based Web browsers, using them to perform large-scale computing tasks anonymously. The finding has potential ramifications for the security of “cloud browser” services. At issue are cloud browsers, which create a Web interface in the cloud so that [...]

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Choosing a Cloud Provider with Confidence

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and the conversation around adopting cloud technology has progressed from “if” to “when”. Although cloud services offer enormous economic benefits, they also pose significant potential risks for enterprises that must safeguard corporate information assets while also complying with industry and government regulations. Download this paper to better [...]

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A Quick Look at Structure 2011

This is a summary of Structure 2011, held recently by GigaOM in San Francisco. In this blog I report what I observed but without going into details. I plan to cover some of the subjects in more detail as time permits in future blogs. Similar conferences have sessions that run 50 to 90 minutes. Sessions [...]

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How to Provide Cloud Computing without a Data Center

Recently, I had an opportunity to meet with Richard Dym, CMO, and Koss Yokota, VP Asia Pacific Business Development, at OpSource’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, about their brand-new offering, OpSource Cloud. Their web page is the best source of information about who they are and what they do. However, like any other company, they [...]

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PCI Breaches and Whom Do We Trust?

The UK’s SaaS “expert” Phil Wainewright, @philww, points to another online survey to make the claim that you are less safe, data wise, with a cloud provider, than you are with servers on premises. Not so fast, says Chris Hoff. When I asked Chris to blog on exactly what he meant, he gave the following: [...]

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Cloud Computing: Prospects and Challenges

Editor’s Note: Asad Imam is a graduate student in the United Kingdom studying E-Business and Information Systems. He recently wrote a study about the cloud computing market. Footnotes appear at the end of the study. We have also written a summary of his report, which you can view here. Introduction The extensive use of information [...]

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Cloud Computing – Dynamic Security Certifications

One of the major differentiating factors of cloud computing over traditional IT computing services is the hyper-dynamic nature of cloud computing. New or modified services can be made available instantaneously to thousands or tens of thousands of desktops. No more IT deployment hassles. Minor enhancements can be made available to the masses on a weekly [...]

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Is Federal Accreditation Enough For Enterprise Cloud Computing?

The benefits of cloud computing over traditional enterprise IT systems and applications are well-publicized. First, there is the promise of lower total cost of ownership since users basically only pay for what they use and are not burdened with paying for idle time. Then, there is also the benefit of immediate provisioning across an enterprise [...]

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Eve’s Advisory: Cloud Computing Authentication – It’s All About Changing Behaviors

Editor’s Note: In her second video blog post for Tek-Tips, Eve Maler takes a look at the recent Twitter break in with some insights about behavior and user authentication. Have your behaviors changed? Can you remove login and password authentication for your users? Eve thinks you can. [kaltura-widget wid="tmx0xjg19g" width="400" height="365" addpermission="" editpermission="" /] – [...]

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Qualys on Cloud Security: Third Parties Can Provide Assurances

Qualys started its cloud computing service ten years ago. Now that the rush is on for cloud computing, the industry needs ways to make sure that clients can be assured that their data is being handles securely, it is audited and adhering to compliance frameworks. Third party services and organizations may be the answer. We [...]

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