SVLG’s Fourth Data Center Energy Efficiency Conference

The fourth annual SVLG Data Center Energy Efficiency Conference was held Nov. 18 at IBM Almaden Research Labs in San Jose, CA.

SVLG stands for Silicon Valley Leadership Group, whose vision (from its website) is to:

Ensure the economic health and a high quality of life in Silicon Valley for our entire community by advocating for adequate affordable housing, comprehensive regional transportation, reliable energy, a quality K-12 and higher education system and prepared workforce, a sustainable environment, and business and tax policies that keep California and Silicon Valley competitive.

SVLG has been offering data center energy efficiency (DCEE) conferences for the past three years. It is situated in southern San Jose and surrounded by a large, natural open space.

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Like the previous conferences, this one was sold out, and a lot of people showed up.

Crowds at SVLG DCEE conference. There are more rows behind this.

The agenda for the program was as follows:

I will report on the entire conference, and some sessions in detail, in upcoming blogs.

Carl Guardino, CEO of SVLG, gave the opening remarks. Although he covered a few topics, I only remember one thing (sorry, Carl!!).

Carl Guardino

It is a joint program between SVLG and the City of San Jose to donate your time and money to match 1,000 adult volunteers with 1,000 struggling K–8 public school students to help eliminate the achievement gap in SV.

More can be found here. One type of contribution is to spread the word. So this is a part of my contribution.

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