Survey: Smartphones remain favorite mobile news source among young adults

Owning a cell phone and checking emails used to be enough to stay chic and connected and feel you were keeping up with change. Heck, at one time the ability to use email was an advanced skill, a competitive edge for working adults. And cell phones were luxury items.


Today many boomers still use their cell phone to make phones calls and leave voice messages. But the “flip” cell phone today is the equivalent of the wall rotary phone. And to young adults, phone calls, voice mail and even email are anachronisms from another century. Now, phones are an essential part of everyday life, from how we receive news, to how we organize our day.

Now, a recent survey from the Reynolds Journalism Institute shows technology has advanced a step further, with tablets like the iPad, while still outnumbered by smartphones, emerging as the favored mobile devices for news consumers. Check out the article, and survey, here.


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