Specifically, What Are The Issues With Social Media Adoption In The Enterprise?

Earlier this week, Dion Hinchliffe wrote a blog post about the “Ten top issues in adopting enterprise social computing.”

The issues are important but in this post I was far more interested in the comments, which I owe to Dion setting up the conversation and providing a good graphic to give some additional perspective:

Instead, as companies begin pilots and initiatives, we are seeing the first wave of issues cropping up as the larger cultural, IT, and business impact of social tools begins to be felt.


I am starving to learn more about what is happening inside companies that are at least trying to get their heads around social media. I want specific examples of particular issues that companies face. In Dion’s post, the comments are pretty rich, acting as a new thread for the issues that Dion presents.

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Let’s Look at the Comments

Bert DuMars, vice president of E-Business and Interactive Marketing at Newell Rubbermaid writes about his role. Interestingly, he reports directly to the CIO:

I play the role of guide and aggregator across Newell Rubbermaid’s many brands (Rubbermaid, Sharpie, Graco Baby, Goody and Calphalon to name a few). I am in an interesting role as I direct line report to the CIO and dotted line report to the CMO.

Sameer Patel comments that there is a big gap in understanding on how social computing affects process performance. Hmm….That’s interesting. It’s not exactly a case study but be does go on to bring up some more insights:

…we need to stack up the benefits of this new computing paradigm against traditional process methods, in the context of business activities. That?s when the purpose and incentives are clear, leading to a much easier path to ROI calculation, as well as adoption.

Finally, another commenter writes about the need for better integration between applications. I am not so sure about this perspective as there is no end in sight to micro-applications that are loosely coupled more so than existing as one platform.

Messaging needs to be integrated with microblogs. So there are needs for tools that don’t provide new functionality, but take the functions that already exist and pull them together in a full platform. As I said, this may not be more important than your top 10, but seems to be a place of many headaches.

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  1. Hawk
    hawk August 3, 2009 at 12:50 pm #

    The conventions on social networking are just forming. Even the pure ones aren’t sure what is appropriate and what is productive. Insiders are realizing technique is more important, once again, than jargon. The competitive landscape for ideas is being challenged.

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