Social Friday: Using Twitter Search

People new to Twitter are often dumbfounded. Why would I use Twitter? Why do I want people to know that I am making a sandwich? Let’s play devil’s advocate. Let’s say I own a restaurant. I am thinking about what new sandwich to offer on the menu. I am looking for something new, creative, that will get customers into my deli. I do a search for "sandwich" on Twitter and the following tweet shows up in the results: That’s a great idea. Now I have a new way for customers to participate with me in the restaurant and provide me with some new sandwich ideas that my customers may really like. Twitter search is the best way to understand Twitter and realize its value. It simply is the best real-time search tool to find information about companies, products and people. For instance, Twellow is a service you can use to connect with people who are in your field of work or have similar interests. They call it Twitter’s yellow pages. Desktop Twitter services such as Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop allow for persistent searches so you may keep track of mentions about your company or something of interest. In this screencast, I show a few examples of ways you can use the Twitter search functionality to track real time conversations: 2009-06-05_1418 The truth is that you do need to "tweet," to use Twitter. It’s search functionality allows anyone to take advantage of all that Twitter has to offer.


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