Social Friday: Blogging Advice From The Pros

What makes a good blog post? 

I found five posts from the pros that I think even the most veteran blogger will find useful. Here they are:

From Pro Blogger: 13 Things I’ve Learned about Successful Blogging 

Advice: Provide tips and “how to” posts. Write about what interests you. Antcipate growing trends.Blog regularly. Be interactive.  This is well worth the read.

Debbie Weill: The Corporate Blogging Book

A slide show that goes through more than just what makes a good blog post. Debbie is a social media consultant who goes into detail about blogging practices and the elements of a good blog post.

How To Be Social And Create Better Content

The  crux of this post is how commenting can inspire you to write a post of your own. Sometimes, even, it makes sense just to copy the comment into your own post. Add context and additional background to it and you have a decent post. The blogger gets a good comment and you have a post that addresses real-life issues. Everyone wins.

10 Business Blogging Best Practices

It’s notable that people use social networks in all aspects of their lives. But the social web is still a young movement in most companies. Twittering may be all the rage but a blog is still an excellent way to teach people about the ways of social media. Jeff Cohen outlines some methods to get that blog going and make it last.

Amazing Blogs: The 1-2-3 Plan Every Blogger Should Know

Know your audience. Be yourself. Be fast on your feet. The post comes from Copyblog, an excellent resource for people interested in the practice of blogging.

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