Social Friday: A New Tek-Tips Regular Feature

We will start to add some regular features to the space here. We launched close to two months ago. In that time, we have had a number of discussions here about where to take the blog. A natural topic for us to discuss is the social web. What it means, how it is applied and the organic energy it creates are topics of interest no matter what you do in your profession. To start things off we have an interview with Molly Holzschlag that we did this week at WebVisions, a conference that explores web design, information architecture with considerable attention on issues related to the social web. I talked with Molly about the open web and development in an age where open API’s and a mix of different web standards create a whole new data flow. Molly shares her views about iterative web design, the spiral effect and lots more goodies from her years of experience on the forefront of developing the universal web experience. We’d love your feedback about what you’d like us to discuss about the social web. Feel free to leave a comment, ping me on Twitter (@tektips) or drop me an email: alex at nethawk dot net.

Molly on the Magic Bus from alex williams on Vimeo.


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