So Bandwidth Goes, Go Jobs, And Our Future

Charles Kenny, from over at the New America Foundation, quotes President Obama in his SOU address promising, “high-speed wireless coverage to 98 percent of all Americans.” Kenny points out that “Superfast Internet connectivity is often defined as delivering content at 50 megabits per second or faster” and that speed is 12 times faster than the FCC considers standard broadband.  Back on the scene in the ultimate delivery of broadband are finally getting hooked up to fiber optic cables, promising 2x the speed or 100 megabits per second, which have been lying fallow in some neighborhoods in the states for years.

More than 200,000 60,000 seeds embedded fiber optic cables to form a front that moves gently in the breeze. This is the surprising approach of the British flag of Shanghai Expo 2010, one of which is generating more excitement.

The reason, which we have witnessed and documented for years, is politics.  Or, more specifically, providers like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, unsure how to maintain profits while ramping up services have sought to control the rollout in order to milk customers.  Their choice to feed -or payoff- politicians to keep the general public and business at inferior services rather than complete the rollout of high speed services, ought to be investigated, but never will be.  The people can’t wrap their heads around this even though it’s as simple as grade school arithmetic.  Politics tend to confuse folks.

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Kenny is a Schwartz Fellow at New America, some sort of think tank chaired by none other than Eric Schmidt.  Kenny’s claim to fame is that he has purportedly “written extensively on such issues as the role of communications technologies in development, the ‘digital divide,’ corruption, what we know about the causes of economic growth, the link between economic growth and broader development, the causes of improvements in global health and the link between economic growth and happiness”

We’re not sure if the piece on bandwidth Kenny has published is more about growth or happiness and if it’s his own he is most concerned about but one thing is clear, he hasn’t come to grips with how the world works in the 21st Century.

In Kenny’s piece, he compares the price tag for fiber, which he quotes as $2,750.00 per home to install, to the $150.00 it cost to connect DSl, even though many are charged 5x that just for the connection and similar monthly charges were routine until cable snuck into the fray.  Yet Kenny is flummoxed to find any reason why fiber’s offer would make a difference.  Apparently, he thinks our broadband connections are perfectly fine, and maybe he is still on a dial up for all I know.

Kenny’s piece is a litany for politicians who simply don’t like the Internet, probably despise it now that it threatens their antics.  So what if South Korea has given it away -sort of- to its public, they are using it mostly for gaming he says.  Well hell yeah.  Kenny fails, like many do, to realize that the only thing that matters in a capitalist world, is being able to compete.  If we wait for applications that require fiber, we may fall through a crack in the world.  He fails to mention that fiber is already in situ in many places around the country, but few, if any, telecom providers are able or plan to be able to connect them to their desktop.

Kenny simply doesn’t get the way the world works and doesn’t get the fact that before the Internet, no one knew how the world would change. Today, the Internet is the only transportation system that matters and if we don’t learn as a people how to compete, we may all be looking for jobs.  As we’ve stated many times, we have jobs out here in Silicon Valley screaming for workers, shovel ready, but we can’t find educated people because our educational system sucks and because it will continue to suck until we are able to compete and not until we decide to force our kids to learn how to compete and how to communicate.



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