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The carrier ads describing the behavioral changes in western civilization to adapt to the Smartphone are actually realistic, even if they seem surreal. Addiction is the first word that comes to mind when I see the way younger generations are absolutely locked into their touch screens and the many apps available. Though I’ve only recently attempted to own any Apple products, I sort of regret not going with the iPhone instead of the Blackberry I own but rarely use.

The smartphone that allows me to grab data and put it up on a monitor the easiest will get my next purchase. The simplest way to get any sort of file I want, video or audio, with high definition quality or something similar, will win market share. Whether it’s a full length feature film, or a dense presentation from the other side of the world, the easier it is to unwrap it and have it on my stack, the sooner I will choose to adapt.

The reason I’m betting on Apple is because market share determines consumer choices moving forward. The company that listened most carefully to the consumers, wins. Until Q1 2010, BlackBerry owned 42.1 percent of the N.A. smartphone market, according to comScore MobiLens. Today that is Apple had about 26% and Mr. Softy about 15%. But Apple is surrounding the user in a bevy of products we like: “Global tablet sales rose 26 percent from the previous period to 4.4 million units, with Apple selling 4.19 million iPads, the company said in a statement. Android’s share of the market declined to 2.3 percent from 2.9 percent.

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“Android’s market share will rise in the fourth quarter as devices using Google’s platform enter the market, Strategy Analytics said. “The tablet wars are up and running,” said Strategy Analytics Director Neil Mawston in the statement. Android and other operating platforms “are trailing in Apple’s wake and they already have much ground to make up.”

None of this is new, and if you take Microsoft, whose ads tell the right story, you know the ads that have individuals with innovative requirements take claim on Windows 7, you find they simply didn’t bother to actually listen to their own actual customers. Hey, I love advertising too, but you have to at least some of the listening. It’s not like any of this is new either, the wireless and smartphone business has been around a long time.

Just as Microsoft has failed to take ownership of the medium enterprise, Apple hasn’t pierced the Fortune 1000 firewalls with much confidence. The two have been in this dance for decades, but I’m at a loss how they keep the iPad out of the board room frankly. They just made things – most things – too easy.

Anyone seeing any decent sized enterprises adapting for an iPhone or other than Blackberry Smartphone, will definitely get a prize. Lemme know: pix welcome! video we adore!



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