Smart Phones In The Enterprise

Smart phones for the enterprise are multiplying faster than even the Wall Street pundits can come up with reasons to proclaim a winner. Though the consumer markets around the world provide the stimulus for wide-ranging offers from the different players, piercing the corporate enterprise is a different game. For our audience, we want to know what exactly corporations look for and what users find most valuable for getting their jobs done.

Over on CNBC, Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is squawking about the smart phone competition as if it were as simple as who has the catchiest graphics. We’re not really interested in which of the players Wall Street likes, but it serves as a benchmark for how the winners will be chosen to serve IT users and their business responsibilities. As we all know, technologies aren’t always chosen because of their "value" to the business enterprise making the choice. Help us out with your comments on how these products serve the enterprise and what the limitations are for them.

On Jim Cramer’s list of players he mentions the top guys, Blackberry, Apple and now, of course, Google. He fails to even mention Nokia who already owns a lion’s share of the market but goes on to discuss app suppliers and bandwidth providers. This is interesting and should be at the top of the list for businesses as alliances will determine how services are accessed. It is also interesting as we see major player Nokia shopping the vertical approach by possibly acquiring network giants like Ciena to help clear the network path.

Another article I came across off the beaten IT path, is from Peter Z. Scheer over at on the recent offer from Google. Here Peter correctly points out that while this is not Google’s first venture into the smart phone market, it is their first branded attempt and being Google, all eyes will be watching. Unlike Mr. Softy whose attempts to be all things to all people may be on the wane.

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Google’s NexusOne is using Android, which is the search giant’s mobile operating system. Far as the NexusOne goes, sans the much desired multitouch screen feature, Peter notes, "Google refuses to explain why." He does also note that Google has decimated the GPS market by including that service free with the phone.

Will Google decimate all the other smart phones out there by also including lots of other freebies and render others bankrupt before the funs starts? Will Google’s place in the enterprise put Apple back down on earth as margins will drop because of the need to compete? How will the enterprise evolve with the ubiquitous smart phones replacing all sorts of gadgets from pagers to pc’s? Share your thoughts and become the top blogger for the Tips sites this year. We eagerly await your contributions.



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