Security In the Golden Age Of The Internet

The political spectrum, we learned in civics lessons in high school, is actually a cyclical format that renders the furthest of the right, most closely to the furthest of the left. In 2011 that may be a bit hard to sustain in an argument, but the principal of belief systems cycling is rather empirical. Today we see the Rupert Murdoch media kingdom labeled far right and it seems the target of the radical far left, in this case let’s look at the hacking community. So when reports of the demise of Lulzec, like that of Mark Twain, seemed a bit premature, or at least exaggerated, it appears these anonymous folks are still plugging away at those who hold the power and certainly the wealth. Not exactly coming together considering civics class.

In the midst of the Fox scandal, Lulzec issued a statement saying they “have 4GB of emails taken from an alleged hack on servers at the Sun, but won’t make them public for fear of jeopardizing ongoing legal actions.” Either that, or they are still licking their wounds for messing with the man and don’t see any percentage in taking on Murdoch who may be worse.

SSL 101: A Guide to Fundamental Website Security

While Murdoch’s boys are busy scuttling the would be evidence against them by attempting to dismiss email entirely from the court room, the boys and girls of the anonymous hack job are threatening to selectively provide the content of some of these to chosen media outlets. The British government, which stands a lot to lose from the alleged Murdoch thievery, and hack job on prominent cell phones, is trying to sort the mess out.

The most interesting piece of technology video on the topic of Internet security recently comes from a video by Mikko H. Hypponen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. We’d love to get Mikko to do a video interview on our site so let us know if you like the idea.

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