RSA Conference in Europe: Discounts, Interviews With Speakers


Register for RSA Conference Europe by tomorrow and save £100.

Additionally, a special registration grant programme is being offered to security practitioners who
have lost their jobs due to the current economic environment. The grant programme is sponsored by Acumin Consulting Ltd.

Interviews With Speakers

To catch a glimpse of what to expect at the conference,  organizers have produced a number of quick interviews with speaker. They also have an active blog with insights from the world’s top security experts.

Speaker interviews include:

Vulnerabilities of Encryption – It’s a Cold, Hard World
Developing the Human Firewall
Security and the Cloud: Mitigating the Risks
It’s Now or Never: How to Become a Cyber Crime Oligarch!
Data Breach Report 2009
How to Implement DNSSEC Without Losing Your Mind
Information Security Shadows, the Other Side: People
Anticipating Your Advantage: How Information Security Careers are Changing
Pulling the Plug: Security Risks in Next Generation Offline Web Apps

On the RSA Blog

Noted security experts offer their insights into information security:

Tim Mather (Experienced Security) discusses how the media is jumping the gun by stating that “Congress is weighing in on changes in Web ad privacy” when the legislation is still in draft phase. Read the latest post to what this legislation really means.

Evan Wheeler (Take a Byte Out of CyberCrime) discusses how organizations need to have a policy for engaging law enforcement and how there is a need for discussions with senior management to shape security policies and procedures in his post: Notifying Law Enforcement.

In another post, Tim Mather discusses the Obama administration’s lack of focus on cybersecurity in his post: Wither Information Security as a Priority?

Mike Gentile (Security Under the Influence) discusses how Cloud Computing is all the rage but don’t forget the basics. Read his post to see where your organization should be focusing: One More thing on Cloud Computing and I Poke my Eyes Out.


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