RSA Conference Connect December 15

Webcast: Using Claims to Simplify and Secure User Access to Applications and Services

Kim Cameron, Distinguised Engineer and Chief Architect of Identity in the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft, updates his highly rated session from RSA Conference 2009.

RSA Conference 2010: Final Discount Registration Deadline is January 30th


Hugh Thompson continues his reviews of RSA Conference 2010 track sessions and this time takes a look at the Data Security track.

Ben Rothke (Security Reading Room) blogs about the best “Information Security” book ever as “Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems” by Ross Anderson.

Ira Winkler (Spy Files) discusses a recent phishing message he received and while, of course, it is a scam he says users need to smarten up.

Tim Mather (Experienced Security) focuses on vendor year-end information security reports and how they are used as a marketing tool.

Steven Wu, Esq. (eDiscovery, Digital Evidence and Cybersecurity Law) looks at legal cases involving eDiscovery disputes where one party asks the other to turn over electronically stored information (ESI) in native file format, and the other party wants to turn over ESI in a different format. He concludes that despite the rules’ lack of clarity, the wishes of the requesting party for native files will trump the producing party’s refusal to provide native files in federal court.

Steven also focuses on technologies that allow people to use ”lifelogging” devices to capture daily events. The information from these devices may then be used in legal court proceedings.

Evan Wheeler (Take a Byte Out of CyberCrime) shows organizations how to determine their forensic readiness by creating a prioritized action plan that focuses on likely incidents for their industry and with controls relative to the size of the organization.

Gib Sorebo (Critical Instructure) is looking forward to Deviant Ollam and Babak Javadi’s session entitled “Why Your Locks are Weak… And Why That’s Not as Bad as You Think.”


Strong Authentication Not Strong Enough
Gartner warns that cyber criminals have had success defeating two-factor authentication systems in Web browsing sessions using Trojan-based man-in-the-middle attacks.

The Future of the Information Security Profession
Information Security as a profession is amidst an evolution. From a traditional, technology-oriented role safeguarding critical information assets, the career is progressing toward integration with the strategic thinking of organizations.

Top 15 Most Common Security Attacks
The latest in the Data Breach Investigations Report series by Verizon Business security experts provide a look at the 15 most common security attacks and how they typically unfold.

Forecast for 2010: The Coming Cloud ‘Catastrophe’
Cloud computing enthusiasts be warned. Next year, computing services handled remotely and delivered via the Internet may undergo some kind of "catastrophe" that alerts companies and consumers to the risks of relying on the so-called cloud.


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Announcing the very first RSA Conference Pecha Kucha (PK) event!



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