“Retroconception,” not your old-fashioned …

Don’t you love how philosophers can put certain things in perspective? After the death threats and scalding reviews of Wikileaks, and its co-progenitor, Julian Assange, it’s good to hear from someone who understands human behavior on a larger scale.  To all of you who ever thought you knew what a hacker was, and why we exist, I thought I’d attempt to deconstruct this breakdown of things by novelist and phiolosopher Luis de Miranda, “Wikileaks:  Who Rules by the Code, will Fall by the Code.”
The English version is posted at www.truthout.org but here is something so beautifully French, it reminds one of their greatest poet, Samuel Beckett.

“Wikileaks is the product of hacker culture.  A hacker is not some pimply miscreant who provokes the Third World War by fiddling around with computers.  A hacker is an actor in the real:  his practice is based on “reverse-engineering,” or “retroconception.”  Which is to say?  It’s a matter of deconstructing the programs, the rules or the protocols constructed by groups with a monopolistic purpose in order to understand how they are engineered at the source, in order to modify them and become an actor with one’s own communication instruments, if possible, in open-source, that is, in conformity with the spirit of free software, modifiable by all those who take the trouble to learn the protocols’ digital logic.  However, hackers don’t limit this modus operandi to digital programs:  by dint of spending most of their time ont he Internet, the younger generations have by now totally absorbed algorithm.  They know the extent to which our worldly protocols, our political and social rules, our behavior, our tastes, our beliefs and our identitities have been constructed and are instruments of control.”

Blemishes aside, from where else would someone tell us that our tastes, as well as our beliefs, are being manipulated and we don’t even understand why?  Perhaps, without knowing, our governments have re-shaped our personalities to fit this capitulation model.  A sort of evolutionatry sorting process perhaps?
We bloody well knew a hundred years ago about governments using tactical techniques to forge control of the basic Homo sapiens personality types.  One of my favorite philosophers on the top is Australian Nick Beams, who reminds us what Trotsky said in 1917,

“Secret diplomacy is a necessary tool for a propertied minority which is compelled to deceive the majority in order to subject it to its interests. Imperialism, with its dark plans of conquest and its robber alliances and deals, developed the system of secret diplomacy to the highest level. The struggle against imperialism, which is exhausting and destroying the peoples of Europe, is at the same time a struggle against capitalist diplomacy, which has cause enough to fear the light of day. The Russian people, and the peoples of Europe and the whole world, should learn the documentary truth about the plans forged in secret by the financiers and industrialists together with their parliamentary and diplomatic agents. The peoples of Europe have paid for the right to this truth with countless sacrifices and universal economic desolation.”

We bloody well knew how to limit the options so to speak.  And now, we see how technology, or more accurately access to information, has swamped the boats of crtics who actually did not understand the inevitability of open communications, or anyone’s ability to put the toothpaste back in the tube.  As our 111th Congress grinds to an end, it’s pretty apparent that not even they understand the implications of today’s media antics.

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