Aberdeen Report: The Dangers of Uninformed ERP Selection
Selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can be a high risk / high reward decision. While a successful ERP implementation can lead to substantial gains in many metrics such as operating margins and inventory, a poorly selected and implemented solution can add complexity to an organization, keep employees from doing their jobs, and cause delays in services customers. These problems are compounded when considering how much an ERP solution can actually cost to an organization. Finding a poorly suited solution that either is not fully utilized or having to rip and replace a solution can cripple an organization with limited resources. Therefore, organizations must do all they can in order to ensure the solution they select is going to be successfully implemented and deliver the highest possible ROI.

Conversely, they must ensure that the solution is a good fit and is not going to alter the processes that an organization has relied upon in the past. This report will uncover what an informed ERP buyer looks for when selecting a solution as well as the consequences that uninformed organizations face.

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