Predict Google’s Future In China?

Earlier this year, we mentioned how shocked many people were when Secretary of State Clinton “demanded” that China do an about face and end censorship and leave Google to do whatever they wanted behind the secreted walls that have captivated the people of China since long before western civilization existed.

Those were the first and last words from the unlikely diplomat about that particular situation, and, since then, Google has been taciturn, at least, in describing the supposed talks going on behind the scene.

Yet, as many have been predicting from the beginning, China will decide on its own fate, and, so far, they should be lauded for the continuous progress they have made.

Anyone who thought they were going to engage in their own form of American Idol or show up for behavioural modification classes, by Hillary, is not a fan of history.

Besides, the name of this game, according to CNBC’s Mad Money maven Jim Cramer, is market share, and #1 Chinese search engine Baidu is setting the pace.

Can Google maintain its global claim without the billion and counting Internet users that may soon be left with fewer choices?

Solecisms aside, China will not budge, Google will roll over and the rest of the western world ought to breathe a sigh of relief. If only that were true, we think it is the best scenario. If only other nations we don’t agree with had the momentum China has going forward, we might even find a way to orchestrate a roaring global peace time economy. The genie is out, as we have said, of the proverbial decanter and once a country has access to the Internet, only civil war will end it. Not even Charles I would have fought his own people over the Information Super Highway Wall of China and into the arms of a billion more fans and a market that dictates global growth for the next few decades.

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Is today the day Google announces its departure, will the Obama administration issue a statement, a warning perhaps, will anyone be able to tell the difference between a terrorist threat, or a business threat? We will get to all of these if you will just chime in and give us your savvy wit and experience on the matter. In today’s China Times, they claim,

“After two months’ thorough public discussion over the dispute, nothing is more evident than its consequence: While the company’s exit may be permanent due to its damaged reputation among Chinese users, China’s Internet progress will not cease in Google’s absence.”

China is making a huge mistake, but the whole issue was destined for failure because of the failure of those inside the beltway to understand the stakes.

The Beltway gang is single-mindedly focused on energy and military but not necessarily in that order.

This whole thing was a huge annoyance for State, and Obama barely seemed to give it a second thought.

He was focused on selling jets to Taiwan and alienating the Chinese further.

None seem capable of multi tasking even when there are lives at stake.

We make concessions for pragmatic reasons daily, but no one seemed to even consider what it means to be fracturing the Internet for political reasons, or because there isn’t enough bandwidth to manage it.

There is no reason to avoid this conversation and there are lots of reasons to heal these wounds.

Jobs is the first thing that comes to my mind; if we are divisive in our approach, we all lose.


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