Wireless Monopolies Offer Little Promise For Free Market Enterprise

Just over a week ago, the $39 billion merger between AT&T and Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile was announced to a torpid audience of hungry bandwidth and Internet users.  In spite of the fact that as Jenna Wortham of the NY Times says, “It could save the companies a lot of money.  For everyone else, it could [...]

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The Biggest Shortcomings of ISO 27001

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably think I’m convinced ISO 27001 is the most perfect document ever written. Actually, that’s not true – working with my clients and teaching on the subject, usually the same weaknesses of this standard emerge. Here they are, together with my suggestions how to resolve them: Ambiguous Terms [...]

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Crowdsourcing: Translating For Your Maddening Crowd

Crowdsourcing, as it’s called, is not for the faint of heart however. For big technology, and the enterprise, even if you build it, and even if they come, you may still not attract many sanguine members willing to step up to the plate and offer usable assistance to other members. As the expression goes, herding [...]

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Tokyo Data Centers in the Aftermath of the Major Quake

You need to understand that even though there was a big jolt then countless small aftershocks, there was very little damage to the infrastructure in Tokyo. Daily life is almost normal, except for the scare of rolling blackouts, which do not include the special wards of Tokyo. See here for the explanation of the special [...]

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Seven Steps for Implementing Policies and Procedures

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have been given the task to write a security policy or a procedure? But you don’t want your document to end up like so many others – gathering dust in some forgotten drawer? Here are some thoughts that might help you… The steps I’m about [...]

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Many Faces of ZigBee

Technologies to enable wireless and low power consumption are required for monitoring and measuring devices and equipment at homes, commercial buildings, and factories. Among the many network protocols, ZigBee is gaining in popularity. It is getting into the mainstream of the home networking area, especially in communication by smart meters. Millions of smart meters will [...]

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Increase Your Revenue by Optimizing your Data Center

Download this paper to learn about how Univa’s suite of software can help you optimize your environment by defining the policy that automates the process. Key topics addressed are: Today’s Data Center Targeting Inefficiency in Infrastructure Identifying an Appropriate Solution Download Whitepaper

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Breaking Tech News From NetHawk Interactive, Inc.

Breaking Tech News ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Over at Demand Progress we learned how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apparently don’t have enough to do with stopping people from invading our borders or creating mischief so they are now going after web site owners who simply offer links to sites they don’t particularly [...]

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Estimating Power Requirements for HP ProLiant Server Systems

With power requirements of computing equipment increasing and the cost of energy rising, IT organizations need accurate estimates of power and cooling requirements for designing and expanding data centers. HP has created the HP Power Advisor utility to provide more accurate and meaningful estimates of power needs for HP ProLiant BL, DL, and SL systems [...]

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Lew Tucker’s Keynote Speech at Cloud Connect 2011

Cloud must be getting a lot of attention, because all the sessions at Cloud Connect were packed with a lot of people—sometimes I could not find a seat. I will write a few blogs about some of the more interesting sessions as they relate to energy efficiency. Lew Tucker, formerly with Sun and now with [...]

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