RSA Keynote Address Will Be A Timely One For The Obama Administration

Melissa Hathaway’s keynote address at the RSA Conference will be a timely one for the Obama Adminstration. Hathaway is leading a review for the Obama Administration of the nation’s cyber security efforts. Her keynote address, announced today, will coincide with the end of a two-month review that is expected to lead to major changes in […]

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Where’s NetHawk?

Last week, I made a trip to Emeryville, Ca. to meet my new colleagues at NetHawk. Here’s the last part of the journey, my quest to find NetHawk.

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Amazon Data Mining Service May Be A Game Changer

The true benefits of the cloud come down to distributed computing. World of Warcraft is a networked game on a distributed system. In “Lord of the Rings,” the film makers simulated entire battles using a distributed computer system. With ample resources, you may use a data center to download a chunk of the web, process […]

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Technology Tips, Learning and the Community

In my work, web and mobile applications are the lifeblood. But even for the geekiest blogger, the need to understand the context for these applications is a continual learning process. The learning takes time. And you can’t do everything. You need to to rely on people in the community to help give you context so […]

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The Shifting Mindfield Of Information Technology Decision-making

IT Decision-making in the Twenty-first Century: Buy, Sell or hold?

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