Our Newest Guest Blogger: Chris Schwartzbauer of Shavlik Technologies

Chris Schwartzbauer

Please welcome Chris Schwartzbauer of Shavlik Technologies, our newest guest blogger.  Here’s a bit about Chris:

Chris drives the strategy for all of Shavlik Technologies‘ customer facing operations. He heads up global marketing, sales, business development, and customer support activities. Chris is an expert in automation trends and the streamlining of IT security operations, and is in ongoing consultation with Shavlik’s largest customers, including several within the finance, government and technology sectors. He helps companies understand how to pinpoint and remediate vulnerability gaps in security operations and the IT risk management process. In 18 years within the technology and security sector, he has overseen the launch and development of pioneering technologies within the security sector, working with companies such as Secure Computing, SafeNet Incorporated, Object FX, and Dianon Systems. A former US Army Captain, Chris has a B.S. in Engineering from The United States Military Academy.


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