Our iMan 2011!

The recent image of Steve Jobs and his wife floored us- the only picture we’ve ever seen where he wasn’t the dominate figure. Good for them for maintaining their grace and getting some privacy. But we should remember Laurene Powell Jobs since our goal has been to try understand what makes Stevie run, and grab a piece of the magic. They sure have a cool family.

Since Steve is the pulse of our neighborhood, by the bay, and when his eyes sparkle, the world’s technology markets light up, we are impressed. Steve Jobs married well, and that says a lot about him and maybe it gives the world another way to understand the man behind a couple of our technology’s finest leadership communities. In addition to Apple and Disney, he apparently has had lots of time for a life. He’s our ‘iMan!’

Always, when we look at Steve Jobs and try to figure out which move he makes next, we first ask ourselves which way the markets are moving. Apple and Jobs have designed a circuitous plan on how these companies create and distribute content and everyone is trying to understand what happens next. An “Apple TV and maybe a cable company?” Yuck. Apple buys AT&T? Would not surprise us, but he’d have to gut it entirely.

No other man can claim to understand how technology has evolved, how it has been distributed, both to the consumer, as well as the enterprise, and no other guy seems to have a clue what to do next. Except they will watch Jobs for his next move and attempt to counter punch.

We’re no closer to getting our answer to the question we’ve been asking since the early eighties. What about the enterprise Stevie? When will you quit toying with it? When will you make it okay to change the standard for business?

The threat of the hack on the id token (link) has raised the ante again for smart phones to be used for identity across an enterprise. But that won’t affect how Apple plans to pierce the enterprise curtain. Whoever comes up with the right bandwidth and content delivery network could grab an enormous chunk of market share and the enterprise will submit by default. It’s already happening. The numbers are staggering, between wireless and, the phone and the corporate data landscape upon which a giant industry is being stacked. Images of server farms haunt my nightmares.

Happpy I-Day to my iMan, Steve Jobs from Park Avenue Emeryville.

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