Oracle vs. Google: Jury Makes Decision

A federal jury in San Francisco has decided that Google didn’t infringe on Oracle’s patents when the search company developed its popular Android software for mobile devices.

Earlier, the jury had ruled that Google did infringe on the “sequence, structure and organization” of 37 Java APIs owned by Oracle, but couldn’t decide whether or not this was “stealing.” In other words, how Google perceives the work that goes into the stuff they steal – for their financial gain.

The jury found that Google did not infringe on Oracle’s patents. Apparently, the judge has dismissed the jury, and this means that they will not be going to the damages part of the trial. Many felt that Google had many small successes throughout this trial, but some are wondering if this is just one step in a long war.

So, what’s the net result? Google now faces maximum damages of only about $150,000 — not the hundreds of millions of dollars that Oracle Corp. was seeking.

The judge presiding over the case dismissed the jury and skipped the planned damages phase of the trial.


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