Open Source ERP Gets A Big Win

A big win for open source ERP came today as Compiere announced that a multi-national manufacturing company has fully integrated the provider’s open source platform. For any technology with promise, perception is everything. Open source ERP has held promise but it is large implementations that give companies more reason to make the switch. OSG Europe is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of precision cutting tools used in the automotive, aerospace and precision instrument industries. They successfully implemented the Compiere platform. They will use Compiere to automate many of the transactions they do with their parent company in Japan, including the updates of sales, purchasing and inventory transactions. Here’s a demo of Compiere Professional:

Open-Source ERP packages provide an added incentive as they are usually fare more affordable than proprietary ERP systems. Proprietary systems have traditionally required endless and costly customizations. Often, companies require custom solutions to fit their industry segment. Making it more expensive are the maintenance and licensing costs that come with proprietary ERP technologies. Open source providers still have a long way to catch up to the big players but if I were a betting man, I’d have my money on providers like Compiere and OpenBravo. For example, according to OpenSource ERP Guru, Compiere showed strong increases despite the contracting global economy. In Q4 2008, subscribers grew 116%, and partners 67%, compared to Q4 2007. Last year, OpenBravo received $12 million in second round venture funding.



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