Official claims sex diary on Net is invasion of privacy

Source: Global Times
[03:11 March 05 2010]

By Fu Wen

The former senior tobacco official whose purported sex diary was posted on the Internet has asked local police to arrest whoever was responsible for the leak and charge the hackers with invasion of privacy.

Han Feng, a former official in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, claimed that someone with malicious motives hacked into his computer diary and changed the content to embarrass him.

The purported diary, written in graphic detail, includes boasts that Han was enjoying sex romps with different women while taking bribes and attending banquets.

An angry husband who sought revenge after learning that his wife was one of Han’s sexual conquests reportedly leaked the steamy confessions to the Internet.

Han was immediately suspended as director of sales in the Guangxi Tobacco Monopoly Administration.

The Sichuan-based Chengdu Business Daily Thursday quoted the administration general office director, surnamed Liao, as saying that Han asked the police to track down the person who released the diary to the Internet and charge the hacker with legal liabilities.

Preliminary investigation showed that the diary was leaked through Han’s computer, Beijing Times reported Thursday.

An unnamed staff officer at the Laibin public security bureau told the Global Times Thursday that the bureau has not received a report from Han.

The Nanning public security bureau has not received a report from Han either, according to one of its officers, speaking with the Global Times.

An insider told Chengdu Business Daily that no substantial progress has been made in the investigation.

The insider said the first excerpt from Han’s diary was published on the Internet in early November, 2009, when there was a potential promotion opportunity in the tobacco administration.

Han Feng was promoted as director of sales in 2009. Rumors are rampant on the Internet that Han’s rival for the same job hired hackers to break into Han’s computer and leak his diary out of vengeance.

In additional to raw sexual encounters, Han allegedly confessed to taking bribes of more than 162,000 yuan ($23,700), and attending 56 banquets.

None of the women named in the diary has stepped forward to confirm or deny the reported sexual relationships.

The women are suffering immense pain after their photos, background and even home addresses were revealed by Internet users, Liao said.

Some Internet users posted other pictures of girls and claimed they were the women mentioned in the diary. But Liao said none of the additional pictures are genuine.

The discipline inspection commission of the tobacco administration began an investigation Monday. Han has been suspended from duty since last Monday.

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