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Investors are finally tiring of Steve Ballmer and his failed leadership of Mr. Softy as Microsoft has been labeled. Google has kicked efforts to separate themselves from the former sole owner of the world’s desktops into another gear. As this Financial Times article alleges, Mac OS and Linux are now the only options given Google employees for security reasons. The article says Google is doing this in light of the attacks from their adventure into China. How convenient.

"Employees wanting to stay on Windows required clearance from "quite senior levels", one employee said. "Getting a new Windows machine now requires CIO approval," said another employee.

In addition to being a semi-formal policy, employees themselves have grown more concerned about security since the China attacks. "Particularly since the China scare, a lot of people here are using Macs for security," said one employee.

Employees said it was also an effort to run the company on Google’s own products, including its forthcoming Chrome OS, which will compete with Windows. "A lot of it is an effort to run things on Google product," the employee said. "They want to run things on Chrome."

The hacking in China hastened the move. "Before the security, there was a directive by the company to try to run things on Google products," said the employee. "It was a long time coming."

The move created mild discontent among some Google employees, appreciative of the choice in operating systems granted to them – an unusual feature in large companies. But many employees were relieved they could still use Macs and Linux. "It would have made more people upset if they banned Macs rather than Windows," he added.

Google and Microsoft compete on many fronts, from search, to web-based email, to operating systems.

While Google is the clear leader in search, Windows remains the most popular operating system in the world by a large margin, with various versions accounting for more than 80 per cent of installations, according to research firm Net Applications."

The other giant in the race for everything, except apparently search, Mr. Steve Jobs assures everyone he only wants what is best for us all, and is laughing all the way to the banks he probably now owns too.

"Much has happened since Apple CEO Steve Jobs last appeared on the D stage. At that time, in May 2007, the iPhone had not yet arrived at market, the app ecosystem it would usher in was still gestating and the iPad was simply a long-running rumor.

So the conversation onstage focused largely on the iPod, iTunes and Apple’s (AAPL) relationship with the music industry, and the forthcoming launch of the iPhone. A few months earlier, Jobs had penned a widely read open letter, "Thoughts on Music," calling on the "big four" music companies to sell their music without digital rights management. iTunes was already the world’s largest online music distribution system, so his thoughts generated quite a bit of discussion–and a fair bit of controversy."

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Advantages of Managed Security Services
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In the battle for minorities, and the dollars advertisers are willing to pay to reach them, on the social media front, self proclaimed "media empress," Lauren DeLisa Chapman describes their mission as follows:

"What does Punch Media Group do?

"We’re a multimedia company that specializes in reaching 18-34 across on-line and mobile phone platforms via digital strategy implementation/consulting as well as mobile phone strategy/application development.

Our forte is helping businesses to truly fold social media/live on-line experiences into mobile phone marketing /applications into traditional off-line media in order to create fully integrated campaigns of conversation: media meshing just as the consumer does – 360 degrees.

"While we’ve worked with such notable companies from Universal to Microsoft, our differentiator is bringing added value by providing unique access to the most active and fastest growing demos in mobile/on-line: hip Blacks and Latinos, respectively while simultaneously being able to balance general market campaigns to trend-setting 18-34 demos."

These folks have a foothold in the wireless world and if my guess is correct, they will continue to chip away at established media until they also become one of the players they are trying to unseat. Isn’t this a great time to be alive.



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