Mobile Update for the week of 4/9

Cell phones are fetching an integral part of our daily lives. It is no surprise that a revolutionary study just released says mobile technology has everlastingly changed the way we love, live and work. The cell phone has made long distance interactions easy. GSM phones that place calls worldwide have turned this world into a global village. Cell phones today are more than a mini computer; cell phones are game consoles, still and video cameras, mailing systems, text messengers, carriers of entertainment and business data, helping in our commerce routines.

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How useful is Geo-Targeting in Mobile?

We know how useful and effective a “local” campaign can be to mobile advertisers, but it is also critical for publishers to get on board and ensure that they are ensuring mobile devices can be used to their fullest potential. Location was a big mobile ad buzzword last year as mobile advertisers placed more emphasis on location-based advertising.  Locating a user’s specific location using the mobile device made everyone realize how critical mobile is to the future of marketing. Geo-location offers the promise of “real-time” mobile advertising that is geographically relevant to a consumer according to where they are at a particular moment in time.

How Mobile Devices Have Redefined Media Consumption (With Infographic Video)

These days more people than ever are glued to their mobile devices.  Last week at the IMA’s AppsMania event in Tel Aviv a presentation from mobile ad network InMobi showed just how big mobile is becoming…

Ski helmet charges iPods, iPhone and other mobile devices

A team of German researchers is working on technology that could let you ski all day without worrying about your smartphone battery, says a report in GlobalPost. Scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin, TEXSYS and the Technical University in Berlin have created a solar helmet that charges your mobile device while you ski. The helmet has a curved solar panel skin, integrated headphones and a microphone so you can use your phone or mp3 player on the slopes.

Mobile Madness

To say that the consumer mobile market is growing exponentially is an understatement.  ComScore‘s annual mobile report reveals that some 48.1 percent of all U.S. mobile subscribers owned a smartphone as of December 2011 and according to Forrester, one billion people will have smartphones by 2016. And for numbers that are a little closer to home, Apple sold more than three million devices during the recent March iPad launch weekend alone!

Mobile devices carry intrinsic security flaws

Those cool mobile devices beloved by consumers carry deep-rooted security flaws that are only now being discovered and addressed.

That’s the upshot of two recent deep examinations of popular mobile devices. The findings highlight how designers of the current generation of smartphones and tablet PCs failed to fully account for the security and privacy implications.


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