Leadership Mistakes of the Galatic Empire

With the recent reissue of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, last weekend, the author draws similarities to the mistakes that people working in business sometimes make. His reasoning is that the movie only grossed $23 million at the box office, therefore, strategic choices such as making prequels, to reissuing them in 3-D, ultimately led to the recent failure of this movie release.





The author points out 5 mistakes made in the movie franchise, and highlights ways businesses can avoid repeating the same errors. The author touches on everything from ‘building an organization around particular people’, to ‘focusing all of the organization’s efforts into a single goal.’ The author draws conclusions, and best practices, that he thinks can help organizations thrive.

Ultimately, the author points out, the Galatic Empire in Star Wars failed as a successful organization because of flawed management and leadership at the very top. By building an enterprise built on fear, lack of independence, and an unwillingness to change, the Emperor set the stage for his own eventual failure.

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