Japan Data Center Council’s Informative Seminar in Tokyo

Because I cover the U.S. and Japan as my territory, I occasionally go to Japan to collect interesting stories. This time I had occasion to attend the seminar given by Japan Data Center Council (JDCC). JDCC is a consortium of many major data center operators (minus NTT). This seminar consisted of three parts: the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s (TMG) regulation to curb GHG, the impacts of that regulation, and JDCC’s data center facility standards.

Like the U.K., TMG has enacted a regulation to curb the use of electricity and trade CO2 emission rights (cap and trade). Masaki Murata, official from TMG gave a talk on the regulation. TMG started working on the regulation on global warming as early as December 2006. In June 2008, it set the cap-and-trade regulation to start in April 2010. I will discuss this in detail in an upcoming blog.

Masaki Muratav of TMG

Following his speech, Shigetaka Nakanishi (IDC Frontier), the chair of the environmental regulation working group of JDCC gave a talk on their efforts to work with TMG to apply the regulation specifically to data centers in such a way that they can comply with it without incurring too much expense.

Shigetaka Nakanishi of IDC Frontier

JDCC and TMG worked closely together to make sure the regulation will be applied fairly. Initially, TMG did not have a good idea of what data centers were and how the regulation should apply to them. For example, if the one-form-fits-all application is done, the typical large data center may have to pay $16M to compensate for its emissions, even though the increase is from the growth in IT and facilities equipment. JDCC and TMG agreed on a formula to adjust the cap of the emission according to the growth of equipment. I will discuss this in detail in an upcoming blog.

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Allocating Data Center Energy Costs and Carbon to IT Users
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The last talk was by Kohsei Ichikawa (Kajima Coporation), the chair of facilities standard working group.

Kohsei Ichikawa of Kajima

In the past, I heard a lot about the Tier system’s being tailored to Japan. They developed a comprehensive standard to evaluate data centers. The standard was developed by combining Uptime Tier, TIA-942, ASHRAE, IEEE, JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), and FISC (the Center for Financial Industry Information Systems). They evaluated the assumptions set by each standard, added Japan-specific things, and developed essential and optional items for evaluation. I will discuss this in detail in an upcoming blog.

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