It’s Social Friday! All About Twitter, All Day


Hey, all – It’s Social Friday. Twitter is on our minds today. Here’s the first of a few posts about resources and applications that can help you take better advantage of the microblogging service.

A few months back Guy Kawasaki wrote a post  that we think illustrates some best practices for using Twitter.

Even the most veteran Twitter user will benefit from reading the post and following the links

Guy summarizes a number of ways to use Twitter as a tool to go way beyond letting the world know you are waiting in line for a taco.

In particular, I like what Guy says about Twitter’s effectiveness for helping bubble up conversations about your company or product. Here’s his sage advice:


  1. Monitor what people are saying about you, your company, and your product. You can do this here with the search features of Twitter. Be sure that you bookmark your search so that you won’t have to reenter terms. Or, you use a product like Tweetdeck to create a search. For example, I monitor this search [guykawasaki OR “Guy Kawasaki” OR Alltop] to follow what people are saying about me and Alltop. Searches like [how to Alltop] where you substitute your company or product name for “Alltop” are also useful to find tweets about using your product or service. You can also use to receive email notification of search results much like Google Alerts. When you find such tweets, take these actions:

    People are pissed: help them out

    People are confused: help them out

    People who have questions: help them out

    People are happy: ask them to spread the word

    You will find that people are delighted by contact with the company and that no matter how rocky the relationship started out, they usually become fans and evangelists. By simply monitoring what people are saying about you, you’re using Twitter better than 95% of the companies out there.

  2. Can I tell you a funny story? I once spoke to a group of large company social media folks. One was from United Parcel Service, and she said that her Twitter searches were inefficient because the string “UPS” is in so many words (“startups,” “meetups,” etc.) Undaunted, I searched for “UPS” in front of the group, and the first tweet that I found was a complaint about a UPS delivery! That brought a howl from the audience.


2 Responses to It’s Social Friday! All About Twitter, All Day

  1. Hawk
    robert May 30, 2009 at 7:58 am #

    If the twitter folks had named their service something else, something serious, like “Intelligent Agent” or something that didn’t sound trivial, would all the silliness have followed? Would it still be the darling of time-wasters? Every single day we, who are in the serious b2b tech sector, find a new and useful way of learning about communicating with our serious community. I don’t even bother telling friends, or non business acquaintances, that we have several twitter accounts and how it has provided valuable information we can leverage in ways never imagined. Love to hear from the twitter folks if they knew what they had or if they simply put it out there and hoped for the best.

  2. Michele J June 2, 2009 at 11:43 am #

    Your comments and suggestions in IT’S SOCIAL FRIDAY! are smart and informative. It is such a pleasure to stumble upon something interesting and actually worth reading! I will follow your sage advice!!

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