ISP’s Promise: “deterrent-by-annoyance” in face of piracy

If you still aren’t sure which wheel gets the grease, follow the likes of K Street and it will take you straight to Hollywood moguls squeaking all over their losses to movie and music pirates. The claims of how much money these poor souls didn’t make are astronomical – like $16 billion annually. Since they can’t get anyone to bomb all of Asia to cut their losses, which is what it might take, they’ve decided to go after the ISP’s and other service providers.

In a recent NY Times article by Ben Sisario, ISP’s are now the frontline in the fight for the Beverly Hills crowd. The plan now is taken straight out of the old Show Biz mantra, Winning through Intimidation. Yet it sounds like a softer, kinder yet more insidious form of intimidation. According to the new “agreement” ISP’s have agreed to a system of warnings “with progressively harsher consequences if the initial cautions were ignored.”

Implement a Big Business Phone System at a Fraction of the Cost

According to Eric Garland of BigChampagne, which tracks online media traffic, the reason for the kumbaya between SP’s and moguls, is because service providers yearn to be like the big guys, like Comcast, which now owns NBC after paying off another batch of Congress persons to ignore the public’s rights in the case. And to boot, it took NY’s Governor Cuomo to get the moguls what they have been unable to get for themselves, on the backs of children being stalked over the Internet. Getting the NY Governor to bite on putting movie and tune pirates in the same class as child pornographers is a great subject for a movie, but I’m going to guess it won’t get funded in the Hollywood hills.

If you want a real tear jerker though, check out this video from the makers of your favorite porn shorts. These guys haven’t gotten the same support as the movie moguls, but it’s such a heart breaker, it has left me all verklempt.

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