iPad magazine sales show decline, publishers stay greedy

When the iPad was first unveiled, many predicted that it would mark end to paper magazines. Who can blame them when Wired magazine alone sold over 130,000 issues of it’s digital iPad edition just six months ago. Despite the fact that the digital edition costed close to 5 times the price when compared to its paper subscription price, people were loving Wired on iPad. Today however, WWD reported Wired has been averaging a measly 31,000 issues from July to September. Other magazines show similar decline, Vanity Fair sold 8,700 of its November issue, Glamour sold 4,301 in September, and GQ sold 11,000 in November. The biggest loser was Men’s Health, with a spring average of 2,800 magazines down to 2,000 sold for both September and November.

So what’s to blame for this? Are people just not getting the experience they were hoping for out digital editions of magazines? Or are the outrageous prices (specially considering that there is no paper or printing needed for digital editions) and lack of subscription to blame for this decline? We say, a little bit of both, but mostly the later.


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