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We have taken our shots at the Obama administration and the lack of an educational vision from this Congress. We’ve said this is the most high risk failure of today’s market place. We’ve talked about how hard it is to find young workers who understand eCommerce and the demands of a technical global market place. On the positive side, our old friend John Mikton, who is the IT Director of the International School in Prague, but who lived for many years here in the bay area, has been focused on lifting both the curricula and the teachers so they can begin to use these tools effectively. Unfortunately, the International Schools are not followed by the public school systems of the U.S. and most kids who do manage to get a high school education, don’t fare well in the competition.

John has been in tune with social networks and the dynamics of the interactive school room for fifteen years at least. I think what these folks are doing could serve as a laboratory -or microcosm- for the challenges facing the public school system that no one wants to discuss. They have distilled many of the issues down to their basic function. If only the U.S. schools were up to this sort of challenge:

…in the last week there has been an enormous amount of traffic regarding the effects related to multitasking and student learning. The issue and variables associated with this topic are huge, and pending who you read it seems to go from the world is about to end attitude to hey it is no problem and live with it. I think the reality is that with the new technologies and internet access we all have access to we are somewhere in the middle in our understanding of the impact of multitasking on our own lives. I believe our students are not learning better or worse but differently. This as a result of the 24/7 access each user has at their finger tips and in tandem the incredible power to be content creators. Naturally with so many choices come many decision to be made and this I think is where we as educators can support, facilitate and mentor many of our students in being mindful of the implications, impact and importance of taking a balanced approach to the idea of multitasking and interacting with so many different powerful tools. Here I share three of the articles which come with different perspective on the topic:

In tandem with this topic comes the bigger issue, the fact that there needs to be significant paradigm shift in education. For educators, parents and students to be able to engage with the rapidly changing world some significant changes are due. I think collectively we understand this but how do we move forward is the bigger challenge. No better person to share this topic than Sir Ken Robinson with the follow wonderful animation and potenital conversation starter for our own students, teachers and administrators.

ECIS IT Committee
Thank you for all of you who attend the ECIS ICT Open Business Meeting in Nice. Again a special thank you to Chad Fairey our outgoing Chairperson of the ECIS ICT Committee for all his leadership, work and coordination. I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome and introduce our three new ICT Committee members. Warren Apel Director of IT at the International School of Amsterdam, who recently moved from New Delhi where he was the IT Director at the American Embassy School of Delhi.

Leah Treesh form Munich International School who is the IT Integrationist for the Senior school and also is the creator of the following resource : called LT Learning Technologies.

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Alan Preis Instructional Technology Coordinator and Mathematics Teacher at the Atlanta International School. Alan is also coordinating and spearheading the ECIS ICT Research group.Please find an updated list of the ECIS ICT Committee and its members:

  • John Mikton, International School of Prague (Chair)
  • Lal Abraham, American School of the Hague
  • Mariam Mathew, American School in London
  • Warren Apel, International School of Amsterdam
  • Leah Treesh, Munich International School
  • Alan Preis, Atlanta International School

Bytes for you

  • Glogster – Poster Yourself | Text, Images, Music and Video
  • Top 10 Web 2.0 Tools for Young Learners
  • eGlossary Terms ::.Math in many languages
  • Tag Galaxy
  • Teachers Teaching Teachers

Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy
Led by Jeff Utecht and Kim Cofino, the 15-credit, 5-course Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy program is based on best practice student-centered online learning theories and techniques. Harnessing the newest and latest in Web 2.0 technologies the program leads educators through a process that not only demonstrates how to use technologies, but allows educators to apply their learning in their own school and classroom. For the first time, this program will be offered in a blended format, mostly online, starting at the EARCOS Teacher’s Conference in Kota Kinabalu in March 2011. For more information, please visit the CoETaIL online site.

ECIS IT Conference

Frankfurt International School cordially invites you to join in the learning, teaching and collaboration at the upcoming ECIS IT Conference, 25-27 March 2011.

With a focus on 21st-century teaching and technology, the conference will combine niche workshops, group breakouts – and two unique presentations from keynote speaker Jamie McKenzie and special guest presenter David Warlick – to illustrate all of the ways in which today’s technology is used to enrich traditional learning methods. Come explore our Vendor Village, sit in on a workshop, or simply add to the discussion and network with other colleagues. Register today and join us in March to see why, in our unique world of international education, “IT’s About Learning.”

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