Intel fits 80GB in credit card sized 310 mSATA SSD

Intel’s brand new line of solid state drives, the 310 mSATA, isn’t just ridiculously small at 51mm by 30mm by 5mm, but also manages to keep X25-class performance with up to 200MBps read and 80MBps write speeds. This makes it over 8 times smaller than your average SSD that you can find in your favorite Mac or ThinkPad. Unfortunately, this bad boy most likely won’t ever see consumer shelves and goes for $99 (40GB) and $179 (80GB) by the thousands, but at least one player, Lenovo, has already said to plan grabbing this for their ThinkPads. Our guess is Apple’s already testing this one for their next revision of MacBook Air, and just when we thought the thing couldn’t get any thinner for a while…

Source: Tech Report



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