I Confess….Mobile Computing…..

Sometimes it is hard to admit that I am a laggard when it comes to the adoption of new technologies and services. I laugh at my friends who do not use LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. But I now admit that I have not been exposed to mobile computing firsthand. Well, I was exposed to it indirectly but not directly. What that means is that until recently I did not own a smartphone. I know you’ll tell me that that disqualifies me to write about or discuss ICT technologies, including mobile and cloud computing. And all of you I laughed at can laugh at me now for revenge.

In any event, after getting an iPhone, I now have firsthand experience with mobile computing and mobile clouds. Now I know why this is such a big deal. Those who were already using a smartphone would tell me that this is yesterday’s news. Anyway, I have a lot of catching up to do. But not everything about mobile computing is great and dandy. Here are some of my complaints:

  1. Short battery life: It barely lasts one full day and I need to keep recharging it.
  2. Soft keyboard: The soft keyboard is not the easiest thing in the world to use. The voice-activated agent, Siri, is good but does not always work well.
  3. Slow connection: Without help from a local Wi-Fi connection, my 3G connection is a little too slow to browse websites. Verizon has an optional data plan to use the iPhone as a hotspot. Initially, I thought it was a good idea, but the slowness of the 3G connection’s speed in getting me onto the Internet may test my patience.
  4. Energy waste: The iPhone ecosystem (equally true of the Android’s) is designed to encourage the user to enjoy services, which is translated into energy and cash use. People may use them mainly because they are fun, and without regard for energy consumption. Some of the services may not be necessary, leading to the abuse of energy.

Still, those problems, except the last, will eventually be solved, and I see mobile computing changing the world and ICT as we know them. However, I do not have a solution for the last problem. People do not seem to get it when I talk about the potential for energy abuse by mobile computing. You’d think I just stepped out of an alien spaceship.

In any event, I will discuss what I heard about mobile and cloud computing at the recent Cloud Connect 2012 in the next few blogs. There were many interesting subjects covered in the conference, like those below.

  • Private clouds
  • Legacy applications in the era of cloud computing
  • Mobile
  • Big Data
  • Cloud management
  • Open source

There was a track on mobile computing and mobile clouds on the last day, which was quite interesting. By the way, all the keynote speeches are available at tv.cloudconnectevent.com, regardless of your attendance. Unfortunately, presentation materials are available for attendees only. Stay tuned.

Zen Kishimoto

About Zen Kishimoto

Seasoned research and technology executive with various functional expertise, including roles in analyst, writer, CTO, VP Engineering, general management, sales, and marketing in diverse high-tech and cleantech industry segments, including software, mobile embedded systems, Web technologies, and networking. Current focus and expertise are in the area of the IT application to energy, such as smart grid, green IT, building/data center energy efficiency, and cloud computing.

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One Response to I Confess….Mobile Computing…..

  1. Hawk
    hawk February 19, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    Just as you have capitulated to the mass hysteria of the iPhone, I too ponder dumping my Blackberry and joining the frey. I am frankly tired of my young friends rolling their eyes when they see me trying to text or read something off these screens and wondering if we haven’t come full circle from the 1950′s when we had a 12 inch Admiral TV which our family thought meant we had hit the big time. Further, for me, is the clipped conversations and the frustrations with interruptions that seem to occur regularly. The phone chats that I spend most of my time on in the course of business don’t have the same fondness for the ‘cool’ of the iPhone and prefer to think they can trust what I’m saying and trust I won’t be badgering them with the eternal, ‘can you hear me now’ response. Lastly, and this is a worry after reading the latest news on “mal apps” is the fact that the time wasted trying to figure out what apps are safe, and which ones throw me into the abyss. The more I read on this, the more concerned I am. Fortunately, or not, I still spend a great deal of time at my desk where I don’t need to compromise, but, should I venture into the dark world of mobility, I wonder who is listening.

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