How Washington Is Blowing Our Competitive Edge In Technology

The 2012 Presidential campaign demonstrates the old adage that money talks, and bullshit walks.  Like many other communities, we have railed for over a decade now about why it is Washington never did get the technology sector, and never understood how the powerful politicians handling of it would determine the competitive edge our country held during the Internet boom and how it will manifest itself in this nation’s future.  More inclined to see it as a bubble, paid for politicians plodded through the changes, the acronyms and the huge money that was at stake, then hopped into bed with bygone businesses like the banks, the healthcare folks, Hollywood suck-ups and big oil, to name a few.

Now it seems with more than a billion dollars cached in his war chest to beat the likes of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and even Ron Paul, an insecure Obama has sidled over here towards  Silicon Valley to pad his coffers further.  Unfortunately, this is all about money, and nothing to do with his understanding of how critical it is for Washington to finally get that we here in the Valley of bits and bytes are the future of education, jobs and industry for this country.

While all of this has been going, however, eight of the two of the bill’s co-sponsors, Marco Rubio from Florida and Roy Blunt from Missouri, are among those backing away.  Like tetrahedrons blowing in the wind, cheap politicians may be getting the message even though they obviously don’t have a clue of the stakes.
From today’s BBC report:

“The list of senators no longer backing Pipa includes Mr Rubio and Mr Blunt, and Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, all Republicans, as well as Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland.
“In the House of Representatives, Republicans Ben Quayle of Arizona, Lee Terry of Nebraska and Dennis Ross of Florida said they were no longer supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa), joining Pennsylvania Democrat Tim Holden.
“Mr Ross tweeted that he was no longer supporting Sopa, because as “a true free marketer, I want IP protected correctly”.
“In a Facebook posting, Mr Rubio said he and fellow Senators “heard legitimate concerns about the impact the bill could have on access to the internet”.
“Mr Hatch called Pipa “not ready for prime-time” and said he would remove himself from the bill’s list of sponsors.”

One thing is clear about this out-to-lunch-bunch is that they never had a clue of the stakes, nor do they now, they simply are blowin’ in the wind, to quote the Bard.

The tipping point for me here was a tagline in a Huffington Post article that read, “Obama Burns Crucial Campaign Donors In SOPA Fight.”  Follow that link from the HP home page to the actual article and the new tagline reads, “SOPA Forces Obama To Pick Sides Between Donors From Hollywood, Silicon Valley.”  Now most folks know that HP is more about sensationalizing the news than reporting it, but now that the Kardashians have worn out their welcome, the popular blog has tried to turn to the election to find more clicks.  Yet it never discusses the burning sensation I get when I wonder who really cares that the music, motion picture and chamber of commerce are all pissed off because Obama may have actually gotten some religion, and, perhaps, a backbone.

The Blumenthal article states,
“The relationship between Obama and tech companies has involved more than money. Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes left his Silicon Valley job to help the Obama team run its social networking and online fundraising platforms. Google’s Eric Schmidt served as an informal adviser to the campaign and later went to Washington to serve on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. In the White House, the president appointed the nation’s first chief technology officer and first chief information officer and reached out to the tech community in both Silicon Valley and Washington.”

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Unlike the boastful Al Gore, Obama has quietly courted the leaders of the newest and oldest titans of technology like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose deep pockets could probably elect Steven Colbert, if he ever decides to spend any of it, to the well-off but modest Craig Newmark, who founded and describes himself as a “moderate libertarian” in the article, but has not criticized a single thing this administration has done, even the signing away of our liberties, and fawns over every chance he gets to dash off to Washington for photo ops.  His tryst with Schmidt is a bit of a mystery but was ostensibly about the Google leader’s reach and his take on China and how we avoid being absorbed by the communist state as they buy up the nation’s lands and resources.  The mystery being that I have no idea what Schmidt brought to Google or the nation and Obama for that matter?

Now we stand at a threshold of our American industrial future where every industry looks towards technology to deliver us back to the quality we once produced and the products that produced a middle class that made us the greatest nation on earth.  Can you think of one business that doesn’t depend on technology to turn out better, faster and more profitable products?  Has Obama seen the light, or is this about working on his second billion to beat the likes of a group of guys who can’t seem to stand each other or what each other stands for today.

As we stated in our article “In their response to SOPA” we said, “We’re not sure why the U.S. is attempting to control web sites “beyond the reach of our laws,” but pressure from folks like Rupert Murdoch should not be discounted.”  These old economy thinkers are dangerous to the health of our nation and their coercion of politicians, as stated today in “Deadline Hollywood,” they say, “Internet sites on their SOPA-Strike may be conducting a blackout but Hollywood studios are conducting a boycott.”

If Obama is serious about being President and leading us out of the malaise the world is trying to drag us into, it’s time to forget about military far flung adventures, and get hip to technology options.  Murdoch and his ilk, including all of Hollywood, and the dirtbags who are running it, it’s time he went after our real enemies.  How is Murdoch able to pirate information and get away with it?  Pick him up, and Roger Ailes, those filthy rich record folks who have really screwed artists and the public for decades, and anyone else who is a threat to our future and put them away until they quit trying to screw up the one thing we have going for ourselves, our freedoms, our technology and our future.


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5 Responses to How Washington Is Blowing Our Competitive Edge In Technology

  1. Hunter Gatherer January 20, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    What is this?

    It seems like a rant in support of gutting the rights of the creative to shift their assets, digital content, to the content deliverers disguised as some plea to support the technology we are all buying anyway. You don’t address real concerns over the outright theft of intellectual property?

    I’m no supporter of SOPA, PIPA or POO-POO, specially when it comes from a shill like Chris Dodd. I but don’t understand why you aren’t even attempting to thread the needle between what is obviously a very bad set of bills and the real need to understand that a big, big hunk of that future US economy must come from the content that people put their souls into before it’s gobbled up by the tubes.

    They need a re-write that carves through the common differences between both of these left of center constituencies, not a 100% gut. Piracy is a problem. Producers of content need a solution even if a low life like Chris Dodd is one of the spokesmen. You are right that it’s critical. But these two camps need to come together. I suspect the Obama Administration is much more likely to help them find common ground than the maroons in red.

    • Hawk
      Hawk January 20, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

      As a content producer, I understand the threats well. I see this is a power grab by politicians, passing on the job of protecting against piracy to us, even if there is no proof of such. I believe in innocent until proven guilty so until someone is guilty, I have no problem with allowing their content. I see this also as a threat against our Constitution by lobbyists like Dodd, who should be in jail for his flagrant abuse of his power with banks. He was given a pass and a sweet mortgage for his favorable deal with banks so he needs to be tried alongside others. Far as making it my job to write better legislation, that’s a laugh. Dealing with the pimps in Washington is amusing enough from afar, but trying to get them on our side against the money from Hollywood losers who push out the crap they do, and demand I protect them, is not something I intend to do. Just as CD’s and DVD’ threaten their garbage, let them deal with it. I think they are the biggest threat to creative folks and we think the world has changed but it’s not our job to protect them. You can’t possibly think that the record folks and the movie people are left of center? I’m independent and aim to protect my Constitutional rights to protect the freedom of the Internet and keep our government out of our business. thanks for writing and feel free to post your own re-write anytime.

  2. Hunter Gatherer January 20, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Neither content providers nor internet users will be properly served if this issue remains adversarial. To allow internet users total open access to content is just as short-sighted as forcing internet publishers to police their sites.

    With the type of response you gave, if it’s common in the publishing, distribution and internet infrastructure side, I would expect to see a much slower legal acceptance of “splitting the baby” down the natural fault lines than would otherwise be possible. Ultimately, total free access to anyone and everyone’s intellectual property will only lead to more attempts to legally curtail it.

    You can stand on a rock and shout that everything must be “free”, but the creators and rights holders have to be included and protected. If you can’t figure out a way to do it voluntarily through a negotiated transition, then content owners will persist with the best lobbyists they can buy and eventually put forward passable legislation that won’t be liposuction for us users.

  3. Hawk
    Hawk January 20, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    If you read the news today, you will read that the problem is not without remedies. Arrests have been made against folks who crossed the line. Now if I saw even one arrest against the record companies and movie folks or lobbyists who I consider even bigger criminals, I might give your response more thought. I fail to see how content providers are being properly served and the public’s interest to freedom is far bigger than your argument. Let Hollywood stuff itself on cake, and I hope they gag.

  4. Gama Xul January 23, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    Obama is behind the most dangerous ideas and legislation to our nation’s advancement. He’s also a true-blue lying socialist. Hollywood supports the idea of Obama but I think they may have realized how wrong they were to put their brains in their ass and “trust” a politician. Professional politicians lie, that is their nature. The best way to make a decision of who to support is to look at their history, for what they’ve supported. Obama had a history that was obfuscated by millions of dollars worth of fabrications. This was known long before his election when he was a shiny new politico penny, but the media suppressed it because they loved the idea of him. I can’t imagine why. The citizenry ignored the truth because they loved the spew of babbling rhetoric. But Obama was only preaching one-liners of “Change!” Dictators seem all alike. But the reality is, he had no track record and his orders came from behind the throne where the bankers hide.
    History will repeat itself. The media and Hollywood will push Obama again because he’s just as much a liar now as he was then and the banks aren’t finished yet. And the citizenry is even stupider now than before but I must always try to bring light to dark places. Remember, don’t choose a president based on their looks again, choose one based on their values. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence protects our rights and freedoms. These documents protect our ability to grow in the private sector and technology. Choose a champion that has ALWAYS supported liberty. I’m not going to tell you who that is because if people won’t research the candidates, I don’t think they should be voting. Do the research, or GTFO!

    -Gama Xul

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